Monday, May 2, 2011

Whatcha Readin???

Time to share a new batch of books!!!

Spring means evenings on the patio. It's not too humid and the breeze is refreshing. We have a lot of cardinals, blue jays, hawks, squirrels and butterflies playing around our yard. I love sitting out there with a book or magazine just taking it all in.

So what's in my hands???
1. Of Thee I Sing:
 This book is soooo precious! Political parties aside, this book is simply a father writing to his daughters sharing a few significant stories of people who shaped our American country. This book is FANTASTIC! Though we don't have little bubs running around yet, this will most definitely be a family favorite when we do!

2. Bossypants:
My guilty pleasure....HILARIOUS!!! This is a good biography. Tina really does have some good advice for women in today's world of business. Oh, she cracks me up. I think of my friend Steph when she talks about acting school. Tina talks about different acting styles and which one she prefers. I wonder what Steph's answer would be? What do those different styles really mean? What style do some of my fav actors/actresses use?

3. Architectural Digest:
I LOVE this mag!!! I have gotten behind on my subscription and recently have gotten caught up. Ohhh....the things I would love to do to our home if the $$$ was limitless!!! Fun ideas which I think we can do on a budget and a good sewing machine! haha! 

4. Love Wins
Tim just surprised me with this new book. I'll keep you posted. 

Have a wonderful week! We're hoping to get our Favorable Determination Letter this week so I am going to start making photocopies of our Dossier!!!

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