Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 30, 2011: Run for Africa 5K

Yesterday we woke to a 5:30 am wake up call. 
Why on earth would we wake at 5:30 am on Sabbath morning???
We woke to Run for Africa. 
Children of the Nations was the main sponsor.
My brother and his wife ran with us. They were sick, but still came to run and support the cause for our bub! They really are a couple of AMAZING people!!! I can't believe they still came being sick! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
The Florida heat at 7 am was INSANE! I think it was 80 degrees at least when we woke up. 
Just after the national anthem I looked forward. Someday I can show our bub all the people who support their birth continent in America. People who recognize we need to support each other regardless of our birth place, nation or continent. 
After the race we were SOAKED and tired from the heat. Looking back at the finish line I could see the American flag. I walked back to the flag to take a closer look.
I couldn't help but notice where the USA flag was posted on the world map...Africa. We, as Americans, ran to support our fellow human beings, brothers and sisters in Christ, in Africa.

If amidst famine and drought people can walk 100 miles in desert heat for a small meal, I can wake at 5:30 am to run 3 miles to support them.

I've been so saddened and concerned with the recent news of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. I can't help but wonder if our child's family is struggling right this very moment. Do they have food to eat? Do they have hope? Each meal I have, I think of them. I think of my fullness and have this sense of guilt. 

Embarrassment of American riches. 

We complain or feel frustrated when the food we eat is not exactly what we want. If we don't have our coffee in the morning. If we run out of ice in our freezer. 

I need to be more thankful for what we have. Even for the canned ravioli in our pantry (I have NO IDEA how we acquired that...ha!). 
How can you help support those in the Horn of Africa suffering? See the links below and at the right side of our blog.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Numbers Sprinkled with Blueberries

We received our Official July numbers while in Bar Harbor, Maine on a Friday evening. So far, our timing has been that we receive our official numbers on Friday evening as Sabbath begins. Love that!
Without further ado: 


We are really excited with the movement on the list. At the same time it does feel like a lifetime before our referral. The wait is FAR harder than we expected.

We have been trying to do and think of things that keep us connected. While in New Hampshire and Maine, we learned of the most severe drought and famine in the Eastern Horn of Africa in 60 years. To think our child or child's family could be experiencing so much pain, loss and hunger at the same time we were indulging in amazing meals and Maine's wild blueberry ice cream....well, it just made us sick!!! We knew we couldn't just see this happening on the news and read it in the papers. We had to act.

We knew just where to go to support the help in
I pray God use the funds ADRA raises to help His people in such need. So sad.

Then I was sitting on a bench one day just taking in Bar Harbor sites. I began watching a mother explore the beach and water with her little bub...awe...someday....

We stumbled upon a book standing in a window display we had both had read to us when we were little. I believe Mrs. Feldbush in kindergarten read it to me. I loved this book! I don't think I had seen it since a child. We immediately went into this family owned book store to check it out!

That night, I read this book to us before bed. It was a quick and fun book that brought back so many memories. Then it hit us, lets find a new children's book each month. Each month when we receive our Official Numbers we'll write our bub a letter on the inside page. A note to tell them why we chose this book, how the wait is going, the happenings for the month, and how much we care about our bub that we don't even know. A sort of story through monthly books to journal our wait and receipt of numbers.

July = Blueberries for Sal
July = One Month Closer


Monday, July 25, 2011

Grab Your Kleenex

A bestie shared this with me yesterday....
Note to self: DO NOT watch this while in public.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hanging Out with SuperMan

A couple Saturday night's ago we were invited by our friends, Isaac and Suzie, to a charity event to support the D12 Foundation.
(Sidenote: I think I need to cut my hair off like that again...oh how I miss the ease of short hair...HMMM...)

Ok, back to my point....

So I have a "little" crush on Superman...AKA Dwight Howard, the center for the NBA Orlando Magic basketball team.

He was really cool. He taught my friend Suzie how to bowl. I only got to touch his arm....UM, for the record, his skin is INSANELY smooth!!! LOL! I am pretty sure Tim is rolling his eyes right now. LOL He knows he will ALWAYS be one and true dreamboat!

SEE THE PROOF?!?!? Look closely, you can see my ONE eyeball and forehead! LOL! Not sure why I was hiding??? It is my one proof I was right with him. On a funny note, PAAA-LEASE look at my hubs! Is he trying to be taller than Superman??? I am thinking so! I do remember him saying he didn't want to look really short next to Dwight. 

P.S. Tim is 6'4...not so short. LOL

Ok, so that's one of my favorite 2011 Summer events!!! 

I met....

ON A LITTLE BUB NOTE....should be getting our OFFICIAL July numbers soon!!! YIPPEE!!!!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clearwater, FL and It Was CLEAR!

The last several weeks and weeks to come have felt more of a blur to me. I write from a hotel room.
Being on the road is VERY difficult on me and us for many reasons.
Last night while at dinner...again alone I read, "But the secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt He is", Ann Voskamp.

So I have been slightly MIA in the blog world. Mainly because I'm tired of the rush and just need to "be" when I finally get home.

Once in a while we get lucky and we both require travel to the same work location. A few weeks ago we were blessed with this in our schedules so we took the opportunity to go one night early and stay in Clearwater Beach, FL. It is just that...CLEAR WATER!!! I think this may be one of my new FAV Florida locations. I mean, there are a ton of FAV places here in our state, but this one is a must see!
We had this amazing view from our hotel room. Nothing is more relaxing and good for the soul than a good view of the beach. Actually, being on the beach and hearing the rhythm of the ocean is pretty amazing too! Haha!
Tim off to find the perfect lounge location...options were limitless!
View from our little cabana we rented.......HEAVENLY!!!
Tim found this AWESOME restaurant on Diners, Dives, and Drive In's for our date night. This was also rated high on Trip Advisor. Now I forget the name of the place!?!?   Oh well. Anyway, we're HUGE fans of using Trip Advisor or Yelp when traveling...always the best way to find great restaurants, hotels and things to do wherever you may be.
After dinner we took in the sunset...just SO NICE to sit and talk with my handsome date! I love just "being" with the hubs. He's so much fun and makes life so full. We had fun dreaming about our future and talking of things to come.

I love this pic of him...pure joy.
The next morning we decided to get up for a beach run. GLORIOUS!!! Oh it was so beautiful!

Tim is pretty fast so I thought I'd get a pic of my marathoner.

You can't completely tell, but I noticed these homes on our run. They were the colors of our wedding (sky blue, yellow and green). Then I thought to switch my iPod playlist to our wedding music. I had a blast rediscovering our music from nearly 3 years ago.

As I was listening to the song I walked down the aisle to, "I Knew I Loved You" by Celene Dion (brings to tears to my eyes every time), I noticed Tim headed for me in the distance. JUST LIKE OUR WEDDING DAY!!! I was feeling emotional!

He had no idea what I was listening to.

Erika, why are you looking at me so funny??? LOL!!!

When our run was over and we walked back to the hotel, just before getting back on the sidewalk, I stumbled on this.....A LUCKY HORSESHOE! That pretty much summed up my run, the houses in our wedding colors, our playlist, and most importantly my God-gifted life with my hubs.

In the midst of all this travel, it's the little discoveries of a one night get-a-way, a horse shoe, a sunset, a cute text from Tim, or a sentence in a book that seems to get me through the difficult times/schedules we seem to be keeping the last couple months and months to come.

I have to admit, even though tough schedules, life with Tim makes me ONE HAPPY FISH!!!
I will always find the sunshine in the storm.

On a sidenote, HOW COOL IS THIS WALL ART THAT WAS IN OUR HOTEL!?!?!?! Forget about it!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are They Cute or What?!?!

Just found this picture of my parents from our rehearsal dinner. 

Are they cute or what?!?!?

Soon to Be Dad

This Father's and Mother's Day was full of anticipation for us. 
We FINALLY had made it to the waitlist for our bub around the same time. 

One of the MANY reasons I fell in love with Tim is simply by watching him with our friend's children. He loves children. He is not easily annoyed with kids as some people are. I guess you'd say he's "kid friendly". Ha! Kids are naturally drawn to him and even has a well known nickname of "Jungle Tim". You know, instead of "jungle gym".
Here's one of the reasons why....these two ADORABLE bubs are IN LOVE with their Uncle "Jungle" Tim!!! He's known them and loved them their whole lives! They know that anytime he's around, he's going to invest time and play with them. 

And these two cute faces?!?! Well, ever since they met Tim, they too know they're in for a good time when hanging out with Uncle Tim and Auntie Erika. 

So this Father's Day, I wanted to get Tim a little something special since we're "expecting" our little bub in a while. Something to celebrate the wait for our child on this Father's Day.
I had gotten Tim this shirt because he wanted another special shirt. We also had a run to support African Orphans which we blogged about HERE

He loves his shirt and wears it often. 
Tim, you're going to be an amazing dad one day soon! I'm so excited to watch you grow into an even more amazing man than you already are!!! I am so thankful God gave me you!

Cheers to you babe!
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