Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sabbath Morning 5K and June's Numbers

Our Zoe's Ministry 5K arrived today!!!

We woke at 5:45 am to suit up, drink a smidge of coffee (didn't sleep well because I was SOOO excited), pick up my brother and his wife, and head on down to University of Central Florida's Arena. 

BUT FIRST.........

Yep, those are our OFFICIAL June numbers we received Friday evening from AGCI.
Hmmm, the ink color seemed to be a good idea but you can't even tell! LOL

Boy - 70
Girl - 91
(0-12 months)

You say, "Erika, you look half asleep." Well, that's because I WAS! haha! Takes me a while to wake up in the mornings.

"Erika, what do the numbers mean again?"
Each month our agency will give us official waiting family numbers. There are three lists; boy, girl, siblings (we are not on the siblings list). Basically, there are 69 families ahead of us on the boy list and 90 families ahead of us on the girl list. Now, all the families do not have the same age/needs parameters. When a child is found to truly be an orphan and health status determined, our agency will begin with the #1 families to find the right match for the child. Yes, we have quite a wait ahead, but that's ok, God's timing.

Back to Zoe's 5K

To many this is where folks line up for the race. Ok, you're right. LOL
For me this meant more. This signifies the start of our waiting family time as we're only 1 month into "waiting" for our little bub. God already has our family designed and the countdown is on!
Runners and Walkers getting ready to begin race, but first the Zoe Ministry group offers prayer and ask for God's blessing on the event. LOVED that we began with prayer.

We Begin!
This is all for you little bub! 
Lovin You!

Soon to Be Proud Parents!
(The sun was killing our eyes!!!)
The last half mile of the race got emotional for me. Not in a bad way at all, but a happy way. This race was to help empower orphans in Africa. Maybe one day the causes of the orphan crisis can be remedied so that there is no longer a crisis. 

Remember how I said I hadn't slept the night before??? Well, it was catching up with me along with the fact that I was carrying a sack on my back during the run so all our things could be kept safe. I was tired.

Running Sack with a voice.

Anyway, when I was approaching the finish line I saw my brother, Becca and Tim headed for me (listen...I'm no sprinter...LOL!!! I'm kinda slow). Michael took my bag and that felt soooo good to let go of. They cheered me on. Then I saw a family. This family looked like what I envision our family to look like when God's puts us together. I began imagining what our family will look like. I got pretty choked up, but also had this burst of energy. I kept looking at this family and thinking about our bub. I finished well and shed some tears of joy. 

Sweaty and so blessed to have been a part of an amazing event! 
(Michael Derek, Becca, yours truly, and Tim)

Waiting for folks to come in on the finish line.

So get this......we decided to hang out for the raffle drawings. The VERY LAST one was for the grand prize. The MC called out, "Number 704!" I screamed out, "THAT'S BECCA!!!" So cool! She won; 2 appetizers at Logans, Pizza (can't remember to where), and several smoothies of choice from Smoothie King!!! Awesome! By the way, how cute are they!?!?! I couldn't be more excited to have Becca as a sister. Michael, you married the perfect girl! XOXO

Our USA flag above the event supporting the our bubs in Africa. Someday, this flag will also be yours, bub!

We left the event moved and feeling good. I walked a little behind and just marveled at having some of our family participate. The event was on Sabbath morning. I bet if Christ was on this earth right now in the flesh, He would have ran with us. Now that I think about it...He was there in Spirit. I know it. 

Thank you UCF for hosting us today!

Ta Ta For Now!

one less
Love you,
Your Parents

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