Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whatcha Readin???

Summer is in full swing here in Florida and that means POOL TIME!!!
I love reading pool side....AHHHH!!! Wish I could do that all day today actually........sigh. With us being in the waiting phase of our journey, we're trying to keep really busy. Needless to say, I'm flying through books right now.  HA!

What I am curious about is; WHAT ARE YOU READING?!?!

Here's my Current List:
Ohhhh Carol, you never fail to deliver a good laugh!!! Seriously a good book! I TOTALLY want to own her DVD set of all her shows. We youtube'd some this weekend....HILARIOUS! What a life she has had....unreal! 

We have read TONS about adoption during this process. This journey will bring us our first little bub...YAY! Honestly, sooo excited! Anyway, I felt like I needed the balance of just learning about babies. Yea, I am an ER nurse and yes, I've worked several years in pediatrics, BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME!!! I need a little momma direction. LOL!!! Anyway, I really love this book. It's practical and just plain makes sense. I know a lot of this is "on the job" training, but just to have some kind of reference point...well, I really like this one. 

We have found that going through this journey has brought us into a large family/community of families. Our agency is wonderful and has connected us with soooo many wonderful people. I kept hearing about this book and how great it is. I just wasn't sure I was ready for another "adoption" book before reading basic infant/child books. I went ahead and snagged this one up and I LOVE it! I appreciate the style. This book gives various family examples with different chronological ages of adopted children, but all have the same family age. What's family age? That's the age an adopted child has been in the home. The book then takes these examples and compares their behaviors/connections to typical non-adopted children. The book is a wonderful blend of both internationally adopted and non-adopted infant/child lessons. I'm early in the book, but so far I am having a hard time putting this book down. My highlighter is finding A LOT of important information I am learning from. 

The AGCI journal....This journal partnered with my Bible. All I can say is....WOW! 
The format is wonderful. I love the concept of SOAP; scripture, observation, application and prayer. I also love the prayer list to keep track of when you added an item, what you are praying for, and when the prayer was answered. There is a tab for what to read on what day. If I haven't read exactly what they have provided, I am going to add what I did read that day and journal just the same. This journal has driven me to better discipline with spending time with God. 
I was finding myself watching the listserv too closely, keeping an eye on blogs too closely, focusing more on other things, but not giving my best to God. Even with the best heart in place with good intentions, things can take over and take the place of God in our lives. Some of you don't have this journal as you are not in the adoption process, BUT I challenge you to scan through your day and think about what it is that keeps you from spending time with God. Whatever it is that is distracting you when you are reading the Bible...that's the thing to get in check. I personally find it difficult and am struggling with the discipline, but I am so grateful for this new lesson God is teaching me. 
So THANK YOU AGCI for this journal!!!

Now I am curious....


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Stephanie said...

I'm working on several and have a list of things to read for the summer :)
Right now I'm reading:
1) Through the Gates of Splendor, Elizabeth Elliot
2) 1000 Gifts (still working through this one, AMAZING!!)
3) Redeeming Love (have already read it, but now reading it aloud with hubs..SO good!)

Things I want to read-

1)The Connected Child
2)Thriving as an Adoptive Family
3)Radical Womanhood
4)Sacred Marriage

Sheesh...looks like I better get busy :)