Monday, May 30, 2011

Sick Pup and Kickin It Poolside: Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Our family had been planning to head to St. Augustine, FL for a weekend at the beach to celebrate my dad's birthday. I had been soooo excited to head to the beach with the family especially since work has been pretty busy lately. We were ready for some R&R!

Then last Wednesday happened....
I was working at home when I heard rummaging sounds from the other room. BONES....blissfully attacking this vicious box! Note tongue sticking out...sure sign of bliss. haha! I then headed to our bedroom where I found an empty chewed up doggie pain pill bottle. Problem: No pain pills to be found!!! 

Chloe had ingested at least 10-13 quartered pain pills. Our Vet considered this an emergency and asked me to immediately bring her in. I was SOBBING. Had I near killed her? Had I caused her kidneys or liver to shut down? I had been the one to leave the pill bottle on the counter. 
Chloe stayed in the hospital until Friday afternoon when two sets of lab work came back normal. I couldn't have thanked God enough. I'm very attached to my Chloe bear. All was going to be OK.

Friday evening Tim and I made cupcakes for the holiday weekend and my dad's birthday.
We make our own buttercream icing and since I ran out of butter and used soft tub butter our stars ended up being blue dots. DETAILS, eh?!?! 

Sabbath morning (Saturday morning), we woke to a sick bear (um, that's Chloe). I called the vet and they asked me to come back in for more medicines and to discuss a game plan.
Poor little thing. I felt sooo incredibly awful. All of this had been my fault. I had the pills out in the first place because she had hurt her paw the weekend before on the patio. We knew we couldn't take her to the beach because the mess it would make, no vets close enough there should we need one, and just needed her to stay home to rest. All of our friends and family were out of town celebrating the holiday so we knew we had to cancel our trip to the beach. 

INSERT PARENTAL LESSON: There are going to be plenty of times our kids in the future will get sick and we're going to have to stay home. We have not had to cancel a trip or anything yet due to pets being ill or anything so this was our first time without a way to keep the vacation in motion.

Tim went to church (we had made a commit to do a reading up front) and I stayed home to make sure Chloe was alright while watching church online. That afternoon we hung out at the pool listening to Sabbath music and reading. 

I went to my brother's house to check in on their pets...HELLO BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!!! They are sooo cute! Their flowers were so bright and GORGEOUS!!!

Saturday evening we sat outside and felt the air cool, the breeze pick up and watched the wildlife in our backyard. Get this....hawks, bluejays, cardinals, hummingbirds, graceful butterflies, squirrels and even the various spiders were pretty!!! We just watched the sunset and the clouds form. Wonderful Saturday evening given the circumstances.

Sunday we did our yard work and laundry...pretty typical and INSANELY exciting Sunday eh???

Chloe seemed to be doing a little better. 
Then I remembered I had been wanting to clean our patio windows...Ok, I have to be honest....last year we had a our pool deck, pool and pool tile re-done and the work left this film on our windows. Did you catch that??? LAST YEAR!!!! Um...I am a little behind on the cleaning windows deal! haha!

Our friends (Suz and Isaac) told us about this MAGICAL solution! This made our work sooooo easy! Just plug your hose into it and VOILA, instant windex pressure washer!!! Seriously, this stuff is magic!!!
I got sooo obsessed with the cleaning that I decided to go ahead and pressure wash the pool deck! Ok, so it took me a year to get it done, but hey....the patio looks nice now! 

I knew my family was LOVING the beach and I was sad we couldn't be there. So I figured I would bring the beach feeling home!!! No, I didn't bring sand onto our newly cleaned patio!!! LOL

We made virgin Pina Coladas....DELISH!!! To make them super fancy, we threw an umbrella straw! Really drives the "Vacay" feel home!!! HA! HA!

We, once again, soaked up more Florida sun!
P.S. The hubs....yea, he's TOTALLY DREAMY!!!

Sunday evening we used our homemade citronella candles (yep...and they're sooo easy to make!! Swing over via the page up top, Threads of Fler, to see how we made them.)
Citronella is ESSENTIAL here in Florida. The mosquitos are HUGE and can take pints of blood out of you in a moment! I'm not kidding, they leave the biggest welts. 

For dinner we made one of our favorite meals....HAYSTACKS!!!

What's a Haystack you ask???
Well, you layer the following:
1. fritos
2. Black Beans (or veggie meat, real meat, refried beans...whatev!)
3. Cheddar Cheese
4. Lettuce
5. Tomatoes
6. Olives
7. Onions
8. Sour Cream
9. Salsa
10. If you have it: Guacamole, Jalapenos 

You'll die! Perfect meal to wrap up a sunny day!

Monday hubs let me sleep in and he took care of our animal herd. Chloe was feeling better with one particular symptom, but then started with another. UGH...poor little girl. When I got up he had coffee made and breakfast in the works!

Today is my dad's birthday and I'm feeling bummed I am not with them. Just not right. Sad. 
(Ok, those are veggie bacon strips....aka, Morning Star Stripples)
Don't giggle...I promise they are good!!!

Guess what else we did Monday...yep, hung out at the pool!!!

Then we ate at 4 Rivers BBQ 
Ya, I know, I talk about veggie food a bit and then I throw in this curveball!!! haha!
We ate so much we are thinking we'll be taking a pass on dinner! WHOA...SO FULL!!!

I had the pulled chicken over an amazing biscuit, fried okra, and mac n' cheese. I rarely eat meat these days, but once in a blue moon...

Tim had the burnt ends, fried okra, and mac n' cheese. BTW, have you guys ever had Cheerwine pop??? Tim snagged this old school pop up with his meal. I stuck to diet coke. :)

As I type, hubs is napping on the couch, I'm still lazy in our pool gear. 

I really don't want this weekend to end. 

Tomorrow means back to work. Back to the grind. 

As much as I missed being with the family at the beach, Tim and I rarely get a weekend where we're 100% lazy. It was awful to see bear to sick, but I'm so glad she seems to be doing better this evening. 
Isn't she beautiful!?!?!

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Most Importantly, we're soooo thankful that this weekend was completely possible because of our freedom! Thank you to all of our friends and family who have served, those serving now and those who paid the ultimate price for people they don't even know. 

Proud to be an American!

the reiner casa

ZOE 5k: Orlando, Florida

Click on Link Below to Sign Up:

Brief Description

5k Family Race that will feature a live band, food and water, kid-friendly games, and entertainment for kids of all ages. Race will benefit the ZOE Ministry, which provides training in farming, animal husbandry, vocational skills, income-generating activities, HIV/AIDS education, health and hygiene to Africian orphans.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bringing Bubs Home Playlist

A while back I created a playlist with all the music that inspires us and keeps our focus when the times of  excitement, worship, impatience,  or worry enter our space. I thought I would share with you guys what we're listening to! 


1. When Love Takes You In: Steven Curtis Chapman 
(This is the song which initially tugged on our hearts at his concert a couple years ago).

2. While I'm Waiting: John Waller 
(Um....lots of waiting...)

3. Blessings: Laura Story 
(Laura's song makes sense of our journey which led us to where we are today...thanks Flan for sharing this song with me).

4. Albertine: Brooke Fraser
("Now that I have seen, I am responsible....")

5. One Less: Matthew West 
(We went to Matt's concert when he was first releasing this album. This song was not on the radio yet. We were still talking about the idea of adoption and this song at the concert, was another way God showed us His plan for our lives.)

6. My Own Little World: Matthew West 
("Throw a 20 in the plate, but I never give until it hurts...." This song hit Tim and I like a ton of bricks. We've always been faithful with tithe, but we're called to do so much more than tithing...this song hit close to home for us and we've been changed since.)

7. Orphans of God: Avalon 
(This journey is not just about "adopting" to create our family, but learning that we TOO were all once orphans, but orphans NO MORE by God's love, grace, and acceptance of us as orphans.)

8. Faithful: Steven Curtis Chapman 
(This journey requires a TON OF FAITH. One of the hardest parts for us has been letting go and just letting God lead without us being in the captain's chair. That through our inability can come great joy if we remain faithful.)

9. Love (With Watoto Children's Choir): Chris Tomlin  
(I recently blogged about my bracelet which says  "love" and the "o" is the shape of Africa. Yesterday during our Sabbath day, we're Seventh-Day Adventists, I looked at the bracelet and was brought to tears and found myself in prayer for our birth mom, our child we love so dearly eventhough we have never seen their face or know their gender, our agency, Almaz and staff at Hannah's Hope, and for us. It's all about love.)

10. In Better Hands: Natalie Grant 
Our little bub is a LIGHT to us and we're so blessed that God has trusted us enough and called us to adoption.

11. Faithful One: Selah & Christy Nockles
 (I could just sing this at the top of my lungs!!!)

12. Doxology: The Wilsons 
(speaks for itself...Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow....")

13. Walk by Faith: Jeremy Faith
(That's what we're doing...long walk, but an amazing experience!)

14. Merry Christmas: Third Day
(It's really what we were thinking this past Christmas and I bet this next Christmas the feeling will be even stronger.)

15. Everything to Me: Mark Schultz
(Um, did you guys know Mark is adopted??? Go to YouTube and search the story behind this song...GULP...TEARS. This song is the first big nudge to me about domestic adoption which Tim has always been open to. Just two days later we were at Mission Conference and there was a story about one of our hospitals with a program who works with an organization to assist pregnant moms. The story ended up being about an Orlando family whom adopted through the help of our hospital and the organization. Needless to say, I was a ball of tears and completely embarrassed to be around all of Tim's peers. I darted out the side door after the story only to find myself, what I thought would be a hall to a bathroom, but ended up being BACKSTAGE WITH THE FAMILY!!!!! Oye! Anyway, beautiful song.)

16. In Christ Alone: Keith and Kristyn Getty
(Another worship song that I just sing at the top of my lungs. I first learned of this song last year in Atlanta at a Women of Faith conference. This WOF conference CHANGED MY LIFE. We'll be at this year's Atlanta conference....COME JOIN US!!!)

17. Speak, O Lord: Keith and Kristyn Getty
(Oh how I have begged our Lord to speak to me/us and help us understand what it is we need to be doing and focusing on in all parts of our lives. It's been fun to look back at mine and my hub's transformation over the last couple Have I mentioned lately how FABULOUS HE IS!?!?!)

18. Thought You'd Be Here: Wes King
(I heard this song years and years ago. I knew all the words, but had NO IDEA what the song would come to mean to us. Beautiful.)

19. Children of God: Third Day
(Roll your windows down, throw up your hair and CRANK THE RADIO LOUD!!! This song is just an anthem for us....Oh how I love this song. Yesterday after hanging out at the pool I had to run over to my brother's house to check on their pets. I had this song cranked up with windows down. LOL Wonder if people could hear me singing all loud??? Scary.....LOL!!! We're ALL children of God.)

20. Adonai: Avalon
(Amazing worship song. My BF, Heather, sings this song so beautifully. I hear her singing everytime I listen to this song.)

21. Build Us Back (with Haitian Children's Choir): Know Hope Collective
(One of my FAV new Christian groups. The lead used to be formally known from Audio Adrenaline. This song is just so in tune with our world today. I feel like so many places are building back and it's really just a tribute to God building us back. Haiti. New Orleans. Alabama. Kansas. Japan. Tennessee. Build us Back Oh Lord.)

So there ya have it! Our playlist and another few windows into our story and where our hearts are.

Now...for another beautiful day of Florida sunshine!!! 

from the Reiner Casa Plus One

Saturday, May 28, 2011


One of my besties, Flan (aka Kristi) shared this with me.

This song has put so much into perspective for me and helped me, along with the Bible, understand more of what God is doing in our lives.

Flan, Thank you for being a "Light" in my life.

Your Fler

Friday, May 27, 2011


A surprise from 

Etsy store arrived!!

Isn't her packaging cute!?!?


This is my "momma" bracelet. When I look at it I am often reminded to pray for our bub, bub's birth mom and family, all my AGCI peeps and for other families considering adoption domestic or international!

The cost of this bracelet goes towards 

Please check this organization out!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day of R & R

After a long couple week's of work and catching up on rest this weekend, I went to Jacksonville, FL this Monday. 

What's in Jacksonville you say???

One of my Besties!

Heather R!!!
After several attempts at a self portrait and's what we decided to keep!!!

There is something about being with a bestie that breathes new life in you. 

We had a blast eating at Zoe's, pedicures and manicures, and then hanging out in her apartment talking and playing with my new FAV app...HEYTELL!!!! Perfect time! We have both been going like 100 mph in our lives and to just "be" was PERFECT!!!

What is sad is that this is the last time I'll be able to see Heather in Jacksonville. Why??? Well, she's moving to Georgia. I can't wait to see what life has in store for her. I know she's going to do well in her new job. I am soooo thankful she's not moving to somewhere far, but just a few hours down the road just outside Atlanta! I love Atlanta so seeing her will make for a fun weekend get-a-way. And maybe we'll have more of the besties in the pic!?!?!? Yay!

I love you tons Heather! 

I pray God continue to lead you and give you the courage to keep moving in His direction when the path isn't always clear!!!

So exciting! What's next eh??? Woo Hoo!!!


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last night I returned from a VERY long business trip in Durand, WI (about 1.5 hours East of St.Paul/Minneapolis Airport). Our team was on site to support turning their 100% paper hospital system to 100% paperless with Physician Order Entry. Not and easy task for a hospital, but they welcomed us like family. This hospital genuinely took us in. The people there are just so incredibly wonderful. I won't forget their hospitality.

As a parting gift they gave us their cookbook. Everything throughout the week was homemade and AMAZING! 

When I walked in last night I saw a new book from AGCI. The title says it all doesn't it!?!? Truly a journey of faith.

I briefly looked it over and thought, "That's pretty cool", and then went on to get comfy, have dinner and crash into bed. 

This morning I looked at it again and found a letter from our paperwork process case worker and a certificate. 

This certificate is of PROFOUND significance. This marks a HUGE step in our journey. This certificate is DEFINITELY going in our bub's lifebook. 

And...I am moved to tears and begin reflecting on "the journey"
One Saturday night, after talking over our hearts, we realized we were clearly called to adoption. We went to Barnes and Nobles, grabbed a cup of warm, and picked up a book. 

Tim's dad had mentioned to Tim over lunch about how he had heard a segment on NPR by Scott Simon and wasn't sure why, but felt he needed Tim to know about the story. This was a few weeks prior to our decision to adopt. Scott Simon's segment and their lunch, was one of MANY nudges we had received in the year prior to our decision.

We were so hungry after B&N, we found a new Thai place and treated ourselves to celebrate the occasion.

I think I might be all over the place with this blog post! HA! Not really a I am not the best writer at all.

So back to this morning....because of my business trip, we didn't get to share our big waiting family numbers with our Sabbath School class family. Today, we get to....FINALLY. 

I am HUMBLED that God chose us, trusts us, blessed us with a wonderful agency (AGCI), and lead us to "meet" new friends in the AGCI Ethiopia program. The people in our program are so wonderful and such a support. Someday I hope to meet some of them. 

God has given us a blessing beyond our imaginations. We have learned so much that I really don't know if we would have learned the same lessons if we had not been on this journey.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
Sorry for a rambling post.

Happy Sabbath!
A Grateful Family

Broken Link on $1 = $5

I just realized the link to was broken on my button on right side of blog!


If you haven't had a chance to swing over, please do! This is an organization dear to our hearts. 

This mother's day we did mother's day upside down where each mom received a credit towards a project of their choice at ADRA.ORG . 

Since we received waiting family numbers last Friday, I'm a "mom" - ish. So I joined the Mother's Day venture. 

So if you have some time, swing over and see what Adra is up to.

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More importantly...HAPPY SABBATH!
So happy to be home!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tulips and Green Galore!

I am away for business travel this week up in Minneapolis/Wisconsin area.

This is my third trip up here and the first time I've seen GREEN GRASS! Lets be honest, its the first time I've seen grass here period!!! It's been feet and feet under in snow.

This trip is STUNNING! The people in this area are so incredibly warm! They have baked us home deliciousness, fresh cheese curds (INSANELY GOOD!!!), and even have a bowl full of change so we can buy pop from the vending machines in the hospital. The people are just amazing.

Here is a view from the hospital entrance...beautiful fresh air!

Day one was 13.5 hours and when I got back to the hotel, I found this in my work bag:

(forgive me, I'm too tired to rotate the image)
How cute...Tim hid a cute card in my work bag!!! It's on my bedside table now...awe, a little slice of home with me here in the hotel!

Aside from the green beauty, the tulips are INSANE!!!
This is the town's vet's home/clinic. Lined with tulips...unreal!!!

The tulips are everywhere!

Another thing I learned about this area is that it is known for "Birding". I had no idea what this meant, but come to find out...HUGE for bird watching. A few of us got out of the hospital and walked around the campus and now I get it!!! Unbelievable! The birds are so bright and colorful. What have I seen so far???

1. Eastern Bluebird
2. Yellow Warbler
3. Baltimore Oriole
4. Barn Swallow

I mean, I am kinda wanting some binoculars to scope out more. Just beautiful! I guess it's the same folks feel when coming to Florida eh? Palm trees, Egrits, etc.

Here's an example of some home baked goodness. This is a salted nut roll...HEAVEN. It makes a PayDay...LAME!!! LAME! LAME! Salty! I got the recipe from the nurse who made good!

Do I miss home???????
But the people are taking good care of us here. The hours are long but the people and patient care make it worth it. In fact, a patient's child drew me a special picture. Precious...I saved it.

Hope everyone is doing well. I miss home and can't wait to get back.

But seriously, IT'S BEAUTIFUL HERE and the people are AMAZING!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What do Our Numbers Mean?

What does receiving numbers in the adoption process mean?

We entered into the process after much prayer and consideration. We knew we yearned for an infant and we did not care if the infant was a boy or a girl. We didn't care what their ethnicity was either. We simply wanted to have a baby in our home.

During the adoption process, you will have a social worker evaluate you and your home. This is called a "home study". This home study is the mark of approval that the child you are seeking is a good fit in your home. Each home study defines your adoption "parameters".

For our agency, once your dossier is approved you are placed on the waiting family list. This also means each month Tim and I will be given our month's numbers. Because we have no gender preference, we have been placed on both the boy and girl list.

There are three lists: boy, girl, and siblings.

Each list has families with differing parameters. Some families may be waiting for an infant, toddler, older child, or teen. As a child is cleared as needing a momma and daddy they are referred to a family which matches their needs. Our agency will start with the families in the number 1 spot on the appropriate lists and move up through list until the child meets the approved home study parameters in their dossier. 

Make sense?

Tim and I's parameters are not the same as EVERY family on the list. Therefore, though the numbers seem high, not every family is waiting for the same age/gender preference as us. Honestly, God gave us those specific numbers because He already knows our child. So to us, these numbers are PERFECT in HIS TIMING.

waiting on our bub

Friday, May 13, 2011


Who would have ever thought waiting would be THIS exciting?!?!?!

It's OFFICIAL, we are now on the waiting family list!!!

Our May Numbers:
(I am moved to tears just typing this....been waiting so long to write this post)

(a little shout out to my home state!!!)

(and since I have to fly to Minnesota tomorrow)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One of Two

The fact we haven't placed a post with ALL CAPS and numbers...

You guessed it...we have revisions to do for our dossier before it is approved.

To be exact, we were asked for two. 

We had one completed the day it was requested. The other we are waiting on.

Please help us pray for the final document. 

Tim and I had pretty much all of our dossier documents done in <1 month but the wait for USCIS, for example, made one document's notary too short (15 months out from expiration instead of the requested 18 months).

So we are requesting this specific need....

Please pray for our final document. We placed our request to the "powers that be" on Monday and are still waiting. If we do not get this document tomorrow, overnight Fed Ex won't make it to our case worker in time for the schedule Friday paperwork/dossier review. This will mean we get behind a second week from sending dossier. Time matters.

UGH....Please pray with us

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Have I Learned?

One night this week, while suffering from EXTREME insomnia, I made a list of what I have learned since the beginning of when God started working on our hearts towards adoption. I thought I would open up and share.

1. I am not in control.
2. God is in control and His timing will be as He sees fit.
3. There are MILLIONS...nearly 163 million children world wide who need families.
4. I too was once an orphan and God took me in.
5. I have fallen in love with a country i have never seen, smelled, or met anyone from.
6. I have fallen in love with a child i have never met and most likely has not been conceived on the other side of the world.
7. Points 5 and 6 have taught me so much of what point 4 is all about. Again, God took us all in. To compare the love Tim and I have for a child and country not of our sheds a light onto who God is and who we are in Him.
8. Having a family is not all about DNA. Family is about people.
9. There is much to give and sooo much more not necessary to receive.
10. Homeless people are not going to assault you when you give them $. DO NOT laugh!!! For some reason, my "street smart" self has always not made eye contact on streets or talked to people I did not know. I've made this effort to look at those needing help on side of road and give when i have $. I'm certain I can spare a frappucino or that meal deal in effort to maybe give someone else a meal. I am instructed to "love the least of these"....I'm embarrassed that this is even in here, but it's real and I'm trying to be real. Makes me look like a big snot. I promise I am nice, but I would be lying if I was to say I was not afraid of the people standing on the side of road asking for help.
11. There's a whole world outside of fox news, cnn, msnbc....the USA IS NOT the only country in the world and turning the channel is no longer an option when things are hard to see.
12. Blogging is good journaling AND therapy.
13. Sewing is a hidden talent I didn't know I had AND therapy. HA!
14. Children who need homes are not only international but domestic too and not all domestic adoptions are not all of physically, emotionally and sexually abused backgrounds. 
15. Secular music, for the most part, sucks. Hard to find redeeming qualities in today's music.
16 Christian music fills my soul with fruits to nibble on throughout my day.
17. Women of faith....surround yourself with women of faith (and the conference is cool too). Negativity does not have much space in our home.
18. If you can't find sunshine in something, best to not gripe about it...especially in the age of FB. Always seek the gift in whatever it is.
19. Again God is in control. Journal the experience to remember the perfect timing when things don't feel so perfect. At some point...the timing will appear again as "perfect". 
20.'s a beautiful cleansing experience. I have been going to church year after year, but have not participated in communion for a very long time! For some reason, I felt I was not "good enough" to be there. BUT ISN'T THAT THE POINT??? God fills those gaps for us and wipes us clean! Again, somewhat embarrassed to admit this point.
21. Easter is BY FAR the most important holiday to celebrate. Why do we focus so much on Christmas???
22. Let go of perceived failures and really believe in the meaning and beauty of Easter.
23. Don't be afraid to show who you are and furthermore, Who you serve.
24. Celebrate the little things
25. Give up things which cause others to stumble.

So that's my list....I think I'm going to make it a page and add as we go. I will begin keeping track so I can reference back when I'm feeling weak or less than. 

Happy Sabbath!!!
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Friday, May 6, 2011

No Dice

Funny how your gut knows....
I just had this feeling we were going to need revisions even though I double checked. 

As soon as we get those done, we'll receive our waiting family numbers. 
Sunnyside??? Well, it's still a big accomplishment to have done.

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Ordinary Hero Blog: Help is on the Way to Ethiopia!!! Thank you!!

Ordinary Hero Blog: Help is on the Way to Ethiopia!!! Thank you!!: "Wow! I have received such an outpouring of love from so many of you who have donated and are wanting to give donation items to help Ashli an..."

Looking to give or to help a child on the other side of the world??? Check out OH's latest post!!!

TIME TO GET SEWING!!! See what happens with Zsa Zsa (my sewing machine...LOL) over HERE @ THREADS OF FLER
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 Hours Past My Bedtime...

I can't sleep. I keep praying, thinking, praying, worried, numbers, and praying.

Will tomorrow bring numbers or a list of what needs to be corrected?

I finally stopped, turned on my bedside light and opened my book of Hope.

I really should have started here before all the minutes/hours of thinking and praying.

I was lead to Ephesians 1:3-6 (God gives us our identity)
"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with eery spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved."

Philippians 4:19
"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Psalm 37:3
"Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness."


John 14:18
"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."

PLEASE pray along with us this evening and tomorrow morning as our Dossier is being reviewed.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Our special delivery arrived safely in Portland, Oregon at All God's Children International!

Please pray that our Dossier and copies pass inspection so we can receive waiting family numbers on Friday.

 Ok, really, please just pray God's will. That's really what we want. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bye! Bye!

I just got home from where we've been doing all our shipping for our little bub. 
I always lug in my bag that I keep all our notebooks, binders, folders, note pads etc. YES...I'm a "little" OCD about keeping organized and checking everything over about 20 times. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Today was a special day. 

I walked in with a heavier load to send. Three very full mailers stuffed with 6 months and 3 days worth of prayer, errands, fingerprints, photos, dreams and hope.

ALL of that neatly packaged in the expandable mailer. As it sat on the scale, while my Goin Postal friend keyed up the label and cost (OUCH!), I said another prayer. Those dear papers hold the key to our child....our child halfway ACROSS THE WORLD. 

Mom and Dad are here in Orlando, ready and waiting. 

I prayed God keep this mailer safe over the next 24 hours as it flies to Portland, Oregon and into our dear Case Manager's hands. Toni has been a kind blessing to us. She has been celebrating each milestone we hit. She called yesterday yelling, "Congrats!" and "Yay's!". 

I left the store feeling overjoyed, nervous, EXCITED and hopeful. 
I sat in my car, shed a few happy tears and called my hubs. 
He's beside himself too. Once again, this is all out of our control and in God's hands. What better place to be? He's seen us through this journey thus far and I doubt He is about to stop. 

We can't wait to see what's next!

Fingers crossed...we won't have to re-do or correct too many documents so we can get on THE WAITING FAMILY LIST!

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