Saturday, May 14, 2011

What do Our Numbers Mean?

What does receiving numbers in the adoption process mean?

We entered into the process after much prayer and consideration. We knew we yearned for an infant and we did not care if the infant was a boy or a girl. We didn't care what their ethnicity was either. We simply wanted to have a baby in our home.

During the adoption process, you will have a social worker evaluate you and your home. This is called a "home study". This home study is the mark of approval that the child you are seeking is a good fit in your home. Each home study defines your adoption "parameters".

For our agency, once your dossier is approved you are placed on the waiting family list. This also means each month Tim and I will be given our month's numbers. Because we have no gender preference, we have been placed on both the boy and girl list.

There are three lists: boy, girl, and siblings.

Each list has families with differing parameters. Some families may be waiting for an infant, toddler, older child, or teen. As a child is cleared as needing a momma and daddy they are referred to a family which matches their needs. Our agency will start with the families in the number 1 spot on the appropriate lists and move up through list until the child meets the approved home study parameters in their dossier. 

Make sense?

Tim and I's parameters are not the same as EVERY family on the list. Therefore, though the numbers seem high, not every family is waiting for the same age/gender preference as us. Honestly, God gave us those specific numbers because He already knows our child. So to us, these numbers are PERFECT in HIS TIMING.

waiting on our bub

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