Monday, May 2, 2011

The Ink Is In Overdrive!!!

So you may have heard a little rumor about us........
Yes, we received our FDL today!!!

A little background on that piece....I took this photo above to journal the copying process. We hadn't received our FDL, but figured, why not start the copies process so that when we DO get the letter all we have to do is notarize, copy and slip it in! 

Little glitch in my plan......
I ran out of ink and paper
With the top folder contents....MUCH INK AND PAPER was needed! I've had this binder to keep all our adoption papers and points of process organized.

I knew Tim was on his way home so I called him and he said he'd stop on his way to home to get what we needed.
After hanging up the phone I saw that our mail had just arrived so I scurried out to the mailbox to find WHAT????????

Gist of the letter...Department of Homeland Security determines we're good enough to potentially bring a child into America. I guess after three sets of finger prints they figure we're all right. LOL

God's timing is really all I have to explain today. 

See the top sheet of paper? It's the "little" list of documents to include in each copy of our dossier. Some of those line items have as many as 12 pages (i.e. Home Study). 

This evening we completed all our copies of our original Dossier. 
Ohhhh...the paper chase.
It's done.

We have touched this stack in awe. We will pray over this stack of papers tonight and send them off to our agency, All God's Children International. 

Out of Orlando and direct to Portland, Oregon!

Thank you to all of you who have prayed along with us on this journey. 

Looking forward to finally posting some waiting family numbers. Though that still does not give us a better idea of timeline, it's another step closer to......
Our One Less

I'm not a "mom" yet, but this sure is a GREAT "soon-to-be" mother's day gift! Can't take my eyes off THE STACK.


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Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

I really don't have words only tears in my eyes...

One step closer and praise God for His perfect timing in our lives!

Overflowing with happiness for you and Tim!