Monday, May 16, 2011

Tulips and Green Galore!

I am away for business travel this week up in Minneapolis/Wisconsin area.

This is my third trip up here and the first time I've seen GREEN GRASS! Lets be honest, its the first time I've seen grass here period!!! It's been feet and feet under in snow.

This trip is STUNNING! The people in this area are so incredibly warm! They have baked us home deliciousness, fresh cheese curds (INSANELY GOOD!!!), and even have a bowl full of change so we can buy pop from the vending machines in the hospital. The people are just amazing.

Here is a view from the hospital entrance...beautiful fresh air!

Day one was 13.5 hours and when I got back to the hotel, I found this in my work bag:

(forgive me, I'm too tired to rotate the image)
How cute...Tim hid a cute card in my work bag!!! It's on my bedside table now...awe, a little slice of home with me here in the hotel!

Aside from the green beauty, the tulips are INSANE!!!
This is the town's vet's home/clinic. Lined with tulips...unreal!!!

The tulips are everywhere!

Another thing I learned about this area is that it is known for "Birding". I had no idea what this meant, but come to find out...HUGE for bird watching. A few of us got out of the hospital and walked around the campus and now I get it!!! Unbelievable! The birds are so bright and colorful. What have I seen so far???

1. Eastern Bluebird
2. Yellow Warbler
3. Baltimore Oriole
4. Barn Swallow

I mean, I am kinda wanting some binoculars to scope out more. Just beautiful! I guess it's the same folks feel when coming to Florida eh? Palm trees, Egrits, etc.

Here's an example of some home baked goodness. This is a salted nut roll...HEAVEN. It makes a PayDay...LAME!!! LAME! LAME! Salty! I got the recipe from the nurse who made good!

Do I miss home???????
But the people are taking good care of us here. The hours are long but the people and patient care make it worth it. In fact, a patient's child drew me a special picture. Precious...I saved it.

Hope everyone is doing well. I miss home and can't wait to get back.

But seriously, IT'S BEAUTIFUL HERE and the people are AMAZING!

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