Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One of Two

The fact we haven't placed a post with ALL CAPS and numbers...

You guessed it...we have revisions to do for our dossier before it is approved.

To be exact, we were asked for two. 

We had one completed the day it was requested. The other we are waiting on.

Please help us pray for the final document. 

Tim and I had pretty much all of our dossier documents done in <1 month but the wait for USCIS, for example, made one document's notary too short (15 months out from expiration instead of the requested 18 months).

So we are requesting this specific need....

Please pray for our final document. We placed our request to the "powers that be" on Monday and are still waiting. If we do not get this document tomorrow, overnight Fed Ex won't make it to our case worker in time for the schedule Friday paperwork/dossier review. This will mean we get behind a second week from sending dossier. Time matters.

UGH....Please pray with us

one less

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