What Have I Learned?

May 2011
One night this week, while suffering from EXTREME insomnia, I made a list of what I have learned since the beginning of when God started working on our hearts towards adoption. I thought I would open up and share.
1. I am not in control.
2. God is in control and His timing will be as He sees fit.
3. There are MILLIONS...nearly 163 million children world wide who need families.
4. I too was once an orphan and God took me in.
5. I have fallen in love with a country i have never seen, smelled, or met anyone from the culture.
6. I have fallen in love with a child i have never met and most likely has not been conceived on the other side of the world.
7. Points 5 and 6 have taught me so much of what point 4 is all about. Again, God took us all in. To compare the love Tim and I have for a child and country not of our own....wow...really sheds a light onto who God is and who we are in Him.
8. Having a family is not all about DNA. Family is about people.
9. There is much to give and sooo much more not necessary to receive.
10. Homeless people are not going to assault you when you give them $. DO NOT laugh!!! For some reason, my "street smart" self has always not made eye contact on streets or talked to people I did not know. I've made this effort to look at those needing help on side of road and give when i have $. I'm certain I can spare a frappucino or that meal deal in effort to maybe give someone else a meal. I am instructed to "love the least of these"....I'm embarrassed that this is even in here, but it's real and I'm trying to be real. Makes me look like a big snot. I promise I am nice, but I would be lying if I was to say I was not afraid.
11. There's a whole world outside of fox news, cnn, msnbc....the USA IS NOT the only country in the world and turning the channel is no longer an option when things are hard to see.
12. Blogging is good journaling AND therapy.
13. Sewing is a hidden talent I didn't know I had AND therapy. HA!
14. Children who need homes are not only international but domestic too and not all domestic adoptions are physically, emotionally and sexually abused. 
15. Secular music, for the most part, sucks. Hard to find redeeming qualities in today's music.
16 Christian music fills my soul with fruits to nibble on throughout my day.
17. Women of faith....surround yourself with women of faith (and the conference is cool too). Negativity does not have much space in our home.
18. If you can't find sunshine in something, best to not gripe about it...especially in the age of FB. Always seek the gift in whatever it is.
19. Again God is in control. Journal the experience to remember the perfect timing when things don't feel so perfect. at some point...the timing will appear again as "perfect". 
20. Communion...it's a beautiful cleansing experience. I have been going to church year after year, but have not participated in communion for a very long time! For some reason, I felt I was not "good enough" to be there. BUT ISN'T THAT THE POINT??? God fills those gaps for us and wipes us clean! Again, somewhat embarrassed to admit this point.
21. Easter is BY FAR the most important holiday to celebrate. Why do we focus so much on Christmas???
22. Let go of perceived failures and really believe in the meaning and beauty of Easter.
23. Don't be afraid to show who you are and furthermore, Who you serve.
24. Celebrate the little things
25. Give up things which cause others to stumble.
26. God is good ALL the time and in ALL circumstances (added October 28, 2011...what a month).

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