Saturday, September 24, 2011

Disney's Night of Joy

September has been action packed for us! Stay tuned for more September goodness!

Every year I hear Z88.3 broadcast about Disney's Night of Joy and every year it sneaks past us. I have always wanted to go and this year, when I heard Matthew West was going to be there....NO QUESTION...WE WERE GOING!

Arriving to the Magic Kingdom! All the fall and halloween decor was out in full swing!

Jeremy Camp LIVE in front of the castle! This was unbelievable! His concert started a little late because it was raining so bad. We even contemplated....BRIEFLY...about not going, but we were just too excited to miss out.

 Between concerts our local christian radio station was playing all over the park. What an unreal way to experience the park!
So we played for a bit, listened to Z88.3's music and then caught up with Winnie the Pooh! I have loved classic Pooh for as long as I can remember. Mom says I loved Pooh Bear as a little. In fact, around all my family, my name is Erika Pooh. Ssshhh...don't tell. haha!

We saw Sidewalk Prophets, but for some reason, I can't find my pics of them....they were soooo good! 
And FINALLY, at 11:20 pm...yes, you read that right....ALMOST was time for MATTHEW WEST!!! I won't lie, I was kinda dyin. LOL  That is some kind of late for us!  

Matthew West is one of my FAVS! We saw him a year or so ago when he began touring for his "Story of Your Life" album. AMAZING!
He was amazing again and totally HILARIOUS!
We didn't hit the hay till 2 am and it was totally worth it. We even ran into some of our friends. The next day we saw them at church and they we're just as snoozy as we were. HA!

You better believe we'll be going again. 


Monday, September 19, 2011

Whatcha Readin???'s that time again!

Whatcha Readin???

Fall is creeping in VERY slowly down here in Florida. I sneak in a pumpkin spice latte in hopes I'll trick myself into believing it's cool outside during daytime hours. Thankfully the sub-zero temps in our office make the lattes a welcomed treat!

Anywho...without further ado...
here's my list!
Stumbling Into Grace
Oops...not kindle version but you get the point...haha!
This was a great book! We saw Lisa Harper speak this year at Women of Faith. She is HILARIOUS! This book is about being a little clumsy in life and letting God pick up those pieces. I found this book to be a nice refreshing way to end the day in devotion. I COMPLETELY identify with being clumsy in life. She will leave you thinking about stories from the Bible slightly different. I love new perspectives. I passed this book on to my sister-in-law...hope she likes it as much as I did.

Jesus Calling
I am still reading Sarah Young's book. I find myself in the morning feeling out of balance without reading the day's devotion and Bible verses. God most definitely worked through Sarah on this book. More often than not, each day's devotion has been EXACTLY what my heart has needed to hear. If you haven't picked this book up, I encourage you to snag one up! L-O-V-E!

Doing Life Differently
by Luci Swindoll
I have to admit. I wasn't sure if I would totally get into this book. Oh, I could NOT have been more WRONG! Luci's life and adventures really speak to me. She talks about going out of our comfort zones and realizing God is doing some of His best work in us. She talks about how each point in life we're in is the PERFECT point of life to be in. She talks about cherishing each place we find ourselves in and seek God in that space. There is always something to learn in our circumstances. I'm only half way through but loving every minute! She has some of the most amazing stories....she's been ALL OVER the globe! INSPIRED!

I've decided to join the Bloom Book Club

Angie Smith (wife of Selah lead singer) and an AMAZING blogger. I first learned of her through my dear bestie, Kera. Kera has been following her for ages and I have loosely followed her. We had the privilege of hearing Angie speak at WOF this year and she IS HILARIOUS!!! She is also VERY real! I picked up her book ANNNNNDDD it just so happens it's the next book for the Bloom Book Club.
What Women Fear
I have never done a book club, much less an online one. I'm really excited to connect with other ladies as we pass through the pages. Looking forward to learning more of what God wants me to learn and sharing the experience with other "Women of Faith".

sooooooo....WHATCHA READIN???
Any good recommendations?

one less

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thankful and Prayers Requested for Gina

MY POST FROM Threads of Fler :
This Sabbath Morning I am thankful.
I just finished reading Sarah Young's"Jesus Calling" devotion for the day.

I do not have to figure everything out for my life. I have a Heavenly Father who does that for me. If I stand still and rest in His peace, He will lead the way.
In lieu of the fall season upon us, I decided it was time to craft a new plate for display.
I decided on a design, our monogram for our last name, and simply the word "thankful".

I think it is really easy to focus on ourselves and the things we wish we could change or would like to happen in our lives but for some reason they are out of reach. 

Yesterday, I learned of Tim's childhood friend's wife receiving devastating news. For over a year she has been fighting breast cancer. She was diagnosed mid-pregnancy with her third child. She delivered her child early when it was safe to do so and baby is doing fine. They have three children 5 and under. She had a bilateral radical mastectomy and immediately began chemo and her treatment plan.

Yesterday she shared the doctors have found the cancer has now spread to several hotspots on her lungs. She plans to have them biopsied to see if her course needs to change, but is faced with losing her life WAY too soon. She is planning on making video diaries for her children and husband. I simply CANNOT imagine what she and her family is going through. Life does not make sense sometimes.

Thankfully, God can make sense of it all. If not today, there will come a day where there will be NO MORE tears and we'll see Jesus face-to-face.
Please join our home in praying for Gina.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 14, 2008: Our Day

September 14, 2008 Daytona Beach Shores

This Wednesday we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. What I find hard to believe today is that I love him FAR MORE than I did the day I promised to God, Tim, family and friends that I would love him forever. 

Here's a link to our photographer's blog post to our wedding day....LOVE looking at these again. SO FUN to remember that day and weekend.

We had the perfect weekend. Closest friends and family spent a relaxing weekend on the beach at Tim's parent's condo. We surfed, played in the pool, ate amazing food, lounged, laughed our heads off and had a beautiful wedding. A hurricane was due to hit us that weekend. YEA, we did plan our wedding on the beach during peak hurricane season!!! haha! Luckily the hurricane changed direction at last minute the Wednesday before and created the most amazing weather. 

What an amazing day! 
Three years later we've learned that life has many twists and turns, BUT if you trust God on your journey things work out better than any project plan you could craft yourself.

We have the above photo framed in a frame that has JOURNEY written at the bottom. Jeremiah 29:11 is written around the frame. This could not be MORE true for our lives.

I love you husbando del sol, hubs, thistle, and all the cute nicknames we have had over the years! I hope to love you till we are old, gray, and running around on hover-rounds! LOL

your biggest fan

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We just received our OFFICIAL September numbers!

Oh my....we were NOT expecting such a big DROP in numbers! 



Time to head to the bookstore to pick out this month's book for our little! That's really been a fun tradition for us each month. Wonder what it will be?!?!?

We have  A LOT to share about what we've been up to this FABULOUS month of September, but I'll have to save that for another few posts. Things are a little busy around the Reiner Casa!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011: A Day of Remembrance

10 years later after September 11, 2001 we are a nation changed. We are a world changed. 

I remember all the details of that morning. I was in North Carolina visiting my family from California. I was preparing to fly back to Cali. I was seconds from home when I heard the news that the first tower had been hit. I rushed home. Mom and I sat on their bed and watched in horror as the remaining morning unfolded. We sobbed. A nation so brave then and now. So much loss in our amazing country that morning. 

I sit here today comfortable. Sipping coffee and able to read my morning devotion because of bravery and honor our country cultivates. 

I will NEVER forget 9/11. It has been burned in my memory.  I pray our nation remains safe today and the days surrounding 9/11/11.

What I will also never forget is that GOD has the final word. Not a terrorist. Not satan. 

I will NEVER forget.