Under the Casa Roof

2010 Holiday Pics
Heather Rice Photography: Orlando

Orlando based love!

Man I love this pic!!!
(4 yo Toy Aussie)

(8 month old Tonkinese kitten)

(11 yo DSH)

 We live in Florida and have been married for 3 and a half years. We have been blessed with amazing family and friends, but now we're ready to make the Reiner Casa, + One. God placed a nudge in our hearts over a year ago while attending a Steven Curtis Chapman concert 
to adopt internationally. It has been quite a journey since with many nudges along the way. We didn't fully comprehend God's plan and literally didn't talk about the various nudges with each other until late October or early November 2010. I honestly can't remember. Little did we know, we both had been feeling the same way but never were quite sure how to bring the topic up to each other. I remember it being a Sabbath afternoon when the hubs said he had something to talk about. God's plan unfolded in front of our eyes then and each day He continues to lead.

We find it amazing to look back over the course of one and a half years and consider the goals and obstacles/challenges we've faced. All roads preparing us for this AMAZING journey we are now on.

Our first born will call their birth country, Ethiopia. Take the time to discover their culture. They are a beautiful nation who love their families and their children. They are primarily a Christian nation. Ethiopia  is a country who needs increased clean water, an abundance of available foods and basic medicines/health care we Americans take for granted daily. These needs have created a symptom and therefore a great need. A need of children in hopes of families reaching nearly 5 million. Children who have sadly lost families to disease or poor economics. No parent wants to lose their child out of inability to provide or death from an easily treatable disease.

Boy? Girl? How old?
God will decide our gender, lead AGCI (All God's Children International...our agency) and Hannah's Hope to refer us what His will is. Our age preference is a healthy 0-12 month old.

Our hope is to not just provide a child home, but to give and help meet underlying needs so that more children grow up with both parents and grandparents so eventually there is no more loss. As Americans we are blessed beyond measure and take this for granted simply when turning on our water faucets, flushing our toilets, opening our stocked pantries and refrigerators. We no longer want to turn our TV channels when the news is too hard to view. God has called us to take care of each other and we're ready to open our eyes and help.

Thank you for loving us and supporting us! We can't wait for you to meet our little bub!

One Less
(check out Matthew West's song titled, "One Less")