Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bringing Bubs Home Playlist

A while back I created a playlist with all the music that inspires us and keeps our focus when the times of  excitement, worship, impatience,  or worry enter our space. I thought I would share with you guys what we're listening to! 


1. When Love Takes You In: Steven Curtis Chapman 
(This is the song which initially tugged on our hearts at his concert a couple years ago).

2. While I'm Waiting: John Waller 
(Um....lots of waiting...)

3. Blessings: Laura Story 
(Laura's song makes sense of our journey which led us to where we are today...thanks Flan for sharing this song with me).

4. Albertine: Brooke Fraser
("Now that I have seen, I am responsible....")

5. One Less: Matthew West 
(We went to Matt's concert when he was first releasing this album. This song was not on the radio yet. We were still talking about the idea of adoption and this song at the concert, was another way God showed us His plan for our lives.)

6. My Own Little World: Matthew West 
("Throw a 20 in the plate, but I never give until it hurts...." This song hit Tim and I like a ton of bricks. We've always been faithful with tithe, but we're called to do so much more than tithing...this song hit close to home for us and we've been changed since.)

7. Orphans of God: Avalon 
(This journey is not just about "adopting" to create our family, but learning that we TOO were all once orphans, but orphans NO MORE by God's love, grace, and acceptance of us as orphans.)

8. Faithful: Steven Curtis Chapman 
(This journey requires a TON OF FAITH. One of the hardest parts for us has been letting go and just letting God lead without us being in the captain's chair. That through our inability can come great joy if we remain faithful.)

9. Love (With Watoto Children's Choir): Chris Tomlin  
(I recently blogged about my bracelet which says  "love" and the "o" is the shape of Africa. Yesterday during our Sabbath day, we're Seventh-Day Adventists, I looked at the bracelet and was brought to tears and found myself in prayer for our birth mom, our child we love so dearly eventhough we have never seen their face or know their gender, our agency, Almaz and staff at Hannah's Hope, and for us. It's all about love.)

10. In Better Hands: Natalie Grant 
Our little bub is a LIGHT to us and we're so blessed that God has trusted us enough and called us to adoption.

11. Faithful One: Selah & Christy Nockles
 (I could just sing this at the top of my lungs!!!)

12. Doxology: The Wilsons 
(speaks for itself...Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow....")

13. Walk by Faith: Jeremy Faith
(That's what we're doing...long walk, but an amazing experience!)

14. Merry Christmas: Third Day
(It's really what we were thinking this past Christmas and I bet this next Christmas the feeling will be even stronger.)

15. Everything to Me: Mark Schultz
(Um, did you guys know Mark is adopted??? Go to YouTube and search the story behind this song...GULP...TEARS. This song is the first big nudge to me about domestic adoption which Tim has always been open to. Just two days later we were at Mission Conference and there was a story about one of our hospitals with a program who works with an organization to assist pregnant moms. The story ended up being about an Orlando family whom adopted through the help of our hospital and the organization. Needless to say, I was a ball of tears and completely embarrassed to be around all of Tim's peers. I darted out the side door after the story only to find myself, what I thought would be a hall to a bathroom, but ended up being BACKSTAGE WITH THE FAMILY!!!!! Oye! Anyway, beautiful song.)

16. In Christ Alone: Keith and Kristyn Getty
(Another worship song that I just sing at the top of my lungs. I first learned of this song last year in Atlanta at a Women of Faith conference. This WOF conference CHANGED MY LIFE. We'll be at this year's Atlanta conference....COME JOIN US!!!)

17. Speak, O Lord: Keith and Kristyn Getty
(Oh how I have begged our Lord to speak to me/us and help us understand what it is we need to be doing and focusing on in all parts of our lives. It's been fun to look back at mine and my hub's transformation over the last couple Have I mentioned lately how FABULOUS HE IS!?!?!)

18. Thought You'd Be Here: Wes King
(I heard this song years and years ago. I knew all the words, but had NO IDEA what the song would come to mean to us. Beautiful.)

19. Children of God: Third Day
(Roll your windows down, throw up your hair and CRANK THE RADIO LOUD!!! This song is just an anthem for us....Oh how I love this song. Yesterday after hanging out at the pool I had to run over to my brother's house to check on their pets. I had this song cranked up with windows down. LOL Wonder if people could hear me singing all loud??? Scary.....LOL!!! We're ALL children of God.)

20. Adonai: Avalon
(Amazing worship song. My BF, Heather, sings this song so beautifully. I hear her singing everytime I listen to this song.)

21. Build Us Back (with Haitian Children's Choir): Know Hope Collective
(One of my FAV new Christian groups. The lead used to be formally known from Audio Adrenaline. This song is just so in tune with our world today. I feel like so many places are building back and it's really just a tribute to God building us back. Haiti. New Orleans. Alabama. Kansas. Japan. Tennessee. Build us Back Oh Lord.)

So there ya have it! Our playlist and another few windows into our story and where our hearts are.

Now...for another beautiful day of Florida sunshine!!! 

from the Reiner Casa Plus One

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jessica said...

My fave.....before the morning by josh Wilson....he played a concert at our church and explained the story behind it. Amazing! Anyway, I know you guys are no longer in the dark before the morning and I'm so incredibly thrilled for you and the journey ahead. Hugs!