Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last night I returned from a VERY long business trip in Durand, WI (about 1.5 hours East of St.Paul/Minneapolis Airport). Our team was on site to support turning their 100% paper hospital system to 100% paperless with Physician Order Entry. Not and easy task for a hospital, but they welcomed us like family. This hospital genuinely took us in. The people there are just so incredibly wonderful. I won't forget their hospitality.

As a parting gift they gave us their cookbook. Everything throughout the week was homemade and AMAZING! 

When I walked in last night I saw a new book from AGCI. The title says it all doesn't it!?!? Truly a journey of faith.

I briefly looked it over and thought, "That's pretty cool", and then went on to get comfy, have dinner and crash into bed. 

This morning I looked at it again and found a letter from our paperwork process case worker and a certificate. 

This certificate is of PROFOUND significance. This marks a HUGE step in our journey. This certificate is DEFINITELY going in our bub's lifebook. 

And...I am moved to tears and begin reflecting on "the journey"
One Saturday night, after talking over our hearts, we realized we were clearly called to adoption. We went to Barnes and Nobles, grabbed a cup of warm, and picked up a book. 

Tim's dad had mentioned to Tim over lunch about how he had heard a segment on NPR by Scott Simon and wasn't sure why, but felt he needed Tim to know about the story. This was a few weeks prior to our decision to adopt. Scott Simon's segment and their lunch, was one of MANY nudges we had received in the year prior to our decision.

We were so hungry after B&N, we found a new Thai place and treated ourselves to celebrate the occasion.

I think I might be all over the place with this blog post! HA! Not really a I am not the best writer at all.

So back to this morning....because of my business trip, we didn't get to share our big waiting family numbers with our Sabbath School class family. Today, we get to....FINALLY. 

I am HUMBLED that God chose us, trusts us, blessed us with a wonderful agency (AGCI), and lead us to "meet" new friends in the AGCI Ethiopia program. The people in our program are so wonderful and such a support. Someday I hope to meet some of them. 

God has given us a blessing beyond our imaginations. We have learned so much that I really don't know if we would have learned the same lessons if we had not been on this journey.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
Sorry for a rambling post.

Happy Sabbath!
A Grateful Family

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