Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bye! Bye!

I just got home from where we've been doing all our shipping for our little bub. 
I always lug in my bag that I keep all our notebooks, binders, folders, note pads etc. YES...I'm a "little" OCD about keeping organized and checking everything over about 20 times. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Today was a special day. 

I walked in with a heavier load to send. Three very full mailers stuffed with 6 months and 3 days worth of prayer, errands, fingerprints, photos, dreams and hope.

ALL of that neatly packaged in the expandable mailer. As it sat on the scale, while my Goin Postal friend keyed up the label and cost (OUCH!), I said another prayer. Those dear papers hold the key to our child....our child halfway ACROSS THE WORLD. 

Mom and Dad are here in Orlando, ready and waiting. 

I prayed God keep this mailer safe over the next 24 hours as it flies to Portland, Oregon and into our dear Case Manager's hands. Toni has been a kind blessing to us. She has been celebrating each milestone we hit. She called yesterday yelling, "Congrats!" and "Yay's!". 

I left the store feeling overjoyed, nervous, EXCITED and hopeful. 
I sat in my car, shed a few happy tears and called my hubs. 
He's beside himself too. Once again, this is all out of our control and in God's hands. What better place to be? He's seen us through this journey thus far and I doubt He is about to stop. 

We can't wait to see what's next!

Fingers crossed...we won't have to re-do or correct too many documents so we can get on THE WAITING FAMILY LIST!

one less


Stephanie said...

So exciting!! Praying that day is coming soon for us too!! We were able to get our prints done early today!! Come on waitlist!!

Erika Reiner said...

Oh my goodness Stephanie!!!

When I saw you post that you all were going to try, I sent a prayer up! That's fantastic!!! 3 weeks early!!! Ok, I don't know exactly how it works state to state, but ours were sent electronically. We had ours done on April 14th and received our letter yesterday.

Hoping your FDL comes soon!!!

Alison said...

Excited to find your blog, Erika! And super excited that ya'll got your dossier mailed off!!! YAY!!! A huge milestone! :)

Erika Reiner said...

I found yours today too! So nice to have "met" you! So much fun getting to know other families in the program too!

I'm hoping to have some fun news to post on Friday!!!

kera said...

oh friend....you know tears are trickling down my face right now. i couldn't be more excited!!