Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moved Deeply - Turn to Stone

I was reminded last week by my brother of something I did as a kid. 

He said I would turn on MTV and just stand in front of the TV and dance. Through the years I never became a great dancer and probably nothing more than average, but have always loved dance.

One of my favorite shows is "So You Think You Can Dance".

To me, it's not just steps on a floor but a story. An emotion. An art.

I'm especially moved by the genre of Contemporary. If I could be a child again I'd ask for dance lessons and grow towards mastering Contemporary. I've often thought about taking dance lessons now to learn the fundamentals and hopefully be good enough to move on to Contemporary. 

What is holding me back???
A. It can be expensive.
B. I'm almost 35.
C. It takes time.
D. BIGGEST FEAR: What if I am a disaster???

I've been gone for a few days and am catching up on the DVR.

Travis Wall has become one of my FAV choreographers and this piece moved me to tears.

I just think Dance can express so much. I LOOOVE this piece.

So all you momma's who have little ones who like to dance...if you can, what a gift to give them classes. Kera, I love that Kayden & Emery love dance and continue to grow in dance. Maybe one day I'll be honored to point at the TV and say, "That's my niece!" and be moved to tears.

I hope our children one day will love to dance. 

We'll be supportive every step of the way!


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