Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Concert and Loving Flats!

When Becca (my sister-in-law) and I saw Matt Kearney and Owl City were coming to town, we knew we FINALLY had a spring concert on our hands!

Last night we headed down to Downtown Disney's House of Blues
Tim was a trooper as he literally had just gotten off the plane from Boston, rushed over to meet us, and spent the evening at a concert. 
We love summer concerts!
Yesterday I decided I would pick up a blow dryer and actually do something with my hair...MAJOR for me. I NEVER fix my hair...usually a good air dry is as good as it gets. I also thought I'd switch things up and wear some fun neutral leather platform wedges. I'm 5'9 and Tim is 6'4. With the wedges we were AMAZON people! Made seeing the bands MUCH EASIER.  However, after a couple hours, I was CLEARLY reminded why I rarely wear heals or anything more than a flat. 

The Reiners went with the Freelands
My "little" brother Michael. He's my younger brother by 4 years, but I LOVE spending time with him! I can honestly tell you that Michael Derek is one of my best friends! LOVE YOU TONS MICHAEL DEREK!
Michael's amazing wife Becca! She is awesome! She's teeny tiny so I had to hunker down in this pic. 
I did a little squat action to make us look the same height...Insert BURNING THIGHS! But hey, we did great at disguising our difference in height...we were impressed with ourselves! haha!
Matt Kearney was AMAZING! If you have a chance to go see him, you really should. He got off the stage and went through the crowd. So cool!

Owl City was very good too. I think we may have been some of the older fans...lots of screaming teenagers. LOL Are we now "those people"???!?!? haha! Owl City is a really great group to run to. They are definitely on the playlist. Here's a pretty fantastic fact about them: they are a Christian group but have hit the mainstream secular world. Even though this was a secular concert they still sang Christian music...LOVE THAT! 

Here is one of my FAVORITE worship songs with Owl City's spin on it.

Ok, now DO NOT JUDGE our voices singing at the top of our lungs, but this is one of my FAV songs they wrote and probably the one song people recognize if they do not know Owl City.
HILARIOUS...I sound TERRIBLE singing!!! Note to self, do NOT volunteer for song service at church!!!! LOL

Last night was so much fun! Next time, I'm sticking with comfort...FLATS! Love that I live so close to my brother so that we can do things like this. 

What fun events do you have planned for your summer?

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kera said...

UMMMMM if only you could have heard the HYSTERICAL LAUGHING coming from the Hughes master bedroom!! FLER!!! THAT SINGING IS SOOOOO FUNNY!! You were very into it and I love it! Just the little bit of laughter I needed for the day!!! I'm gonna have to check out both of the bands you saw....looks like a fun night! I love you....for all that you are...including your voice!

Heather said...

LOLOLOLLOOOOLLLL!!!!! :) SING IT FLER!!!!!!! Love! Sooooo very funny :) Makes me think of many times of being in the car with you singing as loud as possible to our hearts content :)