Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last Thursday I had a meeting in Tarpon Springs, FL. 
Tarpon Springs is on the west coast near Clearwater and St. Pete beaches. 

What's it known for???
Take a closer look at the boat above and look at what's hanging above the man's head.

Yep, Tarpon Springs is one of the largest locations for the sponge industry. 

What else is it known for?
Recognize the language??? The blue and white colors are a clue. Most all decor is in blue and white here.
Yep, second language (actually it might even be first language) in the community is Greek. 

I had a great time taking in a little bit of the culture while I was there for a one night's stay.
Pretty much everyone in the restaurant spoke Greek...heavenly food!!! Oh sooo good! This is a family owned diner I will be coming back to.

The next morning on my way out of town for breakfast, I went back to the sponge dock area, Dodecanese Blvd, to Hellas Bakery.
In Hella's were just a few retired people who were just taking in the morning. All speaking Greek, of course. I almost did not feel like I was in America when I went in. I loved it!
What should I choose??? The options felt endless!!!
I took two of these boxes home LOADED with some major food.

For breakfast I had these:
SPANAKOPITA (Phyllo filled with spinach and feta cheese)....
Ok, not really a "breakfast" item, but they were looking too good to deny. They delivered on the promise of heavenly baked goods!!!

Then I knew this weekend we were going to be celebrating my dad's birthday. He loves greek food, so I brought another box home of goodies.
Ok, I've had A LOT of baklava in my lifetime.....this is BY FAR the best I've ever had!!! Wow!!! Yea, it's all gone today. The family inhaled this weekend. So good!

Tarpon Springs was a short trip last week, but we're at the beginning of our project for work. I'll be spending a lot more time in the small coastal town. I can't wait!

A lot more restaurants and sites to try and see! Next time, hoping the hub's business lines up with mine so we can both be there to enjoy! Or maybe, we'll just make this a weekend get-a-way location!?!?


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