Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Digs for Zoe's 5k

In May we posted about our upcoming 5k, Zoe's Run/Walk 

This event is to support African Orphans. The run/walk is this Sabbath morning, June 11th and we're sooo excited!

I wanted to show a special support to this event. I just have this feeling I'm going to be a little emotional in this race. Some of these race's causes get me emotionally. I don't know what it is about running and finishing a race that brings our emotion. I'm not a fancy runner, but wonder what that is???  

Focus Erika! HAHA! 

There is an orphan crisis in Africa, but the orphan crisis is really a symptom of bigger issues. Adoption, in my mind, is not the "solution" to the crisis, but a way to help in the interim while we help the underlying issues. This race is to raise awareness and money to help train them farming, animal husbandry, vocational skills, income-generating activities, HIV/AIDS education, health and hygiene. I really feel like these skills are a link to the real solution so that future generations in Africa are not faced with the same orphan crisis.

Ok, off the box....

So I really wanted a way for us to show support for our bub's brothers and sisters. I wanted to take a stand on behalf of our child to help raise awareness as "The Reiner Family + One". I want to be a voice for our child this weekend. Gosh, I am getting teary just posting this...........sniff. sniff.

Here's Our New Digs:
Every race I carry too much stuff...amateur move I know!!! So I just happened to find this cinch sack for our run at:

Then this week I surprised Tim with our "Team Reiner" shirts to wear over our race gear pre/post run. I wasn't sure if Tim would be into his design, but last night when I got home from getting my hair done, he had his shirt on. He made sure I noticed and kept saying how much he loved it! Said it was his new favorite. Sooo cute! 

Here's my Team Reiner t-shirt....suuuuper soft and comfy!

Here is Tim's. 

Where did we pick up these comfy T's???

This is not just about a country somewhere on the other side of the world. This is about people needing the basic things in life. This is about children who do not have parents to provide those basic needs or who are unable to. This is about a family here in Orlando who wants a family/child. 

This is about us. 

Most importantly, this is about our bub.

Bub, we're your voice while we wait, when we meet, and when you're home....forever. 


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