Saturday, July 2, 2011

Soon to Be Dad

This Father's and Mother's Day was full of anticipation for us. 
We FINALLY had made it to the waitlist for our bub around the same time. 

One of the MANY reasons I fell in love with Tim is simply by watching him with our friend's children. He loves children. He is not easily annoyed with kids as some people are. I guess you'd say he's "kid friendly". Ha! Kids are naturally drawn to him and even has a well known nickname of "Jungle Tim". You know, instead of "jungle gym".
Here's one of the reasons why....these two ADORABLE bubs are IN LOVE with their Uncle "Jungle" Tim!!! He's known them and loved them their whole lives! They know that anytime he's around, he's going to invest time and play with them. 

And these two cute faces?!?! Well, ever since they met Tim, they too know they're in for a good time when hanging out with Uncle Tim and Auntie Erika. 

So this Father's Day, I wanted to get Tim a little something special since we're "expecting" our little bub in a while. Something to celebrate the wait for our child on this Father's Day.
I had gotten Tim this shirt because he wanted another special shirt. We also had a run to support African Orphans which we blogged about HERE

He loves his shirt and wears it often. 
Tim, you're going to be an amazing dad one day soon! I'm so excited to watch you grow into an even more amazing man than you already are!!! I am so thankful God gave me you!

Cheers to you babe!
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Keeping up with the Birmele's said...


LOVE that pic of the kids with Jungle Tim! They sure do love him and their Auntie Erika too! You both will be amazing parents and Anakin & Belle can't wait for a new cousin!