Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Numbers Sprinkled with Blueberries

We received our Official July numbers while in Bar Harbor, Maine on a Friday evening. So far, our timing has been that we receive our official numbers on Friday evening as Sabbath begins. Love that!
Without further ado: 


We are really excited with the movement on the list. At the same time it does feel like a lifetime before our referral. The wait is FAR harder than we expected.

We have been trying to do and think of things that keep us connected. While in New Hampshire and Maine, we learned of the most severe drought and famine in the Eastern Horn of Africa in 60 years. To think our child or child's family could be experiencing so much pain, loss and hunger at the same time we were indulging in amazing meals and Maine's wild blueberry ice cream....well, it just made us sick!!! We knew we couldn't just see this happening on the news and read it in the papers. We had to act.

We knew just where to go to support the help in Africa...ADRA.org
I pray God use the funds ADRA raises to help His people in such need. So sad.

Then I was sitting on a bench one day just taking in Bar Harbor sites. I began watching a mother explore the beach and water with her little bub...awe...someday....

We stumbled upon a book standing in a window display we had both had read to us when we were little. I believe Mrs. Feldbush in kindergarten read it to me. I loved this book! I don't think I had seen it since a child. We immediately went into this family owned book store to check it out!

That night, I read this book to us before bed. It was a quick and fun book that brought back so many memories. Then it hit us, lets find a new children's book each month. Each month when we receive our Official Numbers we'll write our bub a letter on the inside page. A note to tell them why we chose this book, how the wait is going, the happenings for the month, and how much we care about our bub that we don't even know. A sort of story through monthly books to journal our wait and receipt of numbers.

July = Blueberries for Sal
July = One Month Closer



Stephanie said...

I LOVE that idea to write in the books! Books are one of the things I feel like I can start collecting this early, and we love some books! Might have to steal this idea :)

Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

So happy you guys had such a great trip! Can I just say how much I love that you have been getting your numbers on Sabbath! A little reminder from God that His plan is coming true for you both! :-) LOVE LOVE LOVE the book idea too! What an amazing way for your bub to know your thoughts each month during this journey!


Alison said...

Love your new numbers, and I love the book idea too!!