Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hanging Out with SuperMan

A couple Saturday night's ago we were invited by our friends, Isaac and Suzie, to a charity event to support the D12 Foundation.
(Sidenote: I think I need to cut my hair off like that again...oh how I miss the ease of short hair...HMMM...)

Ok, back to my point....

So I have a "little" crush on Superman...AKA Dwight Howard, the center for the NBA Orlando Magic basketball team.

He was really cool. He taught my friend Suzie how to bowl. I only got to touch his arm....UM, for the record, his skin is INSANELY smooth!!! LOL! I am pretty sure Tim is rolling his eyes right now. LOL He knows he will ALWAYS be one and true dreamboat!

SEE THE PROOF?!?!? Look closely, you can see my ONE eyeball and forehead! LOL! Not sure why I was hiding??? It is my one proof I was right with him. On a funny note, PAAA-LEASE look at my hubs! Is he trying to be taller than Superman??? I am thinking so! I do remember him saying he didn't want to look really short next to Dwight. 

P.S. Tim is 6'4...not so short. LOL

Ok, so that's one of my favorite 2011 Summer events!!! 

I met....

ON A LITTLE BUB NOTE....should be getting our OFFICIAL July numbers soon!!! YIPPEE!!!!

one less

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Alison said...

SO fun!! And I can't wait to get our official July number soon!!!