Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tim is CLEARED!!!

I ask you........need I say more???

Yes, well, yes I do need!

Tim got his FBI clearance today!!!

Um, that would mean Home Study submission time!!!

I find it interesting that both our clearances came through on Sabbath. This journey has been teaching us more than ever to "let go and let God".

We're beside ourselves ECSTATIC!!! 

So next hurdle is approval of home study THEN



Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

God's timing is so AMAZING and PERFECT!!! :) So happy this step is out of the way and that you are one step closer! Love you guys! XOXO

Erika Reiner said...


I am so happy his came when it did. He was a little bummed when mine had arrived and his had not. He glowed when his arrived.

We're ready to get Anakin and Belle a new cuz!!!

BTW...loved the Tijuana Flats surprise!!!