Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whatcha Reading?

I follow a fantastic blog, Domesticated Diva . I found her blog when we first started our journey of intl adoption. I honestly can't remember how I ended up landing on her page, but did and she's been really supportive in our journey. She's days away from a referral. Soooo exciting!

Recently she posted about what's she reading which you'll find if you go to her blog is linked to other blogs who are posting the same. So I am going to join in. 

Hey, you may find some new books to read or learn something new about your friends!

Now I am not sure about everyone else but my nightstand has a bunch of books I am in the process of reading. I actually finished one of them this week. Sigh, always sad to finish a really good book, BUT now I need to find a REALLY good book to replace it. haha!

Ok, so FIRST up:
One Year Chronological Bible...LOVE!
Our Sabbath School class started the new year with this Bible. This week...NOAH! Have you ever thought about the fact that there were many generations of people who lived 400-800 yrs old and ONLY 8 people were on the Arc??? And they lived in the Arc for almost a year!!! And that arc had three stories of animals. So 8 people to care for three stories of animals...WOW!

I feel like as each day passes, life gets even more CRAZY busy. One of my besties, Kera,  took me to a blog, Audrey Caroline  . Audrey is a wife to one of the singers of Selah (who doesn't love Selah???). She has a book club, The Bloom Book Club,  and this is one of their featured books. Wayne Muller brings us back to our roots and refocuses the reader. 

 "And by the seventh day God completed His work which He had done; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done." 
Genesis 2:2

We are reminded to find the peace and quiet in our weeks to reflect on God's love and master plan for what is best for us. This is a good one when in need of a "tune up"!

Dare to be moved. 
This book is insightful and sometimes difficult to read. You find yourself looking in a mirror and well, you just sometimes have a hard timing really seeing yourself. Flip side is...INSPIRED. You read through this book INSPIRED. This book is full of mustard seeds and realize we ARE LOVED by an AMAZING GOD. 

A little Fun:
Ask me how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!
I found this book on another site, Emily Jones Design Company.
I read this book and think of my FANCY friend Steph! The illustrations are insane! Every girl's MUST HAVE!!!

For the Creative Cat:
This is the PERFECT beginners book...AKA ME! Tons of fun projects you can do with just one yard of fabric. You can see some of the ones I did over at Threads of Fler . Um, pardon the blog format disaster. I have yet to clean that up....some day!

A Beautiful True Story:
Most of the books I read are true stories. I much prefer biographies or non-fiction. I love reading about people, their lives and experiences. I just finished this book....sigh...farewell good friend. It is TRULY one of THE MOST beautiful books I have ever written. Melissa Fay Greene teaches us about the crisis in Africa, Ethiopia's beautiful culture and history, and a woman's touching story to save one orphan at a time. 
You'll read this book and be changed.

Take a Medical Journey:
Leave American modern medicine behind as you follow Dr. Rick Hodes to Ethiopia. You'll learn of challenges seen daily that we in America never dream of thanks to easy access to modern healthcare. 
Again, you'll be changed after reading this one.

Coco, a woman of strength and creativity:
I'll never own any authentic Chanel, but Coco decorates my nightstand. Her story is self made. She worked her way to becoming an international icon. She has grace in simple fashion and design which at times went against the "norm". 

My Guilty Pleasures (DON'T JUDGE....LOL!!!):
YES, YES....Tori Spelling.

Oddly enough, I was one of A BIGILLION people who DID NOT watch the original 90210, but some how became fascinated with Tori Spelling. Her books make me laugh, sometimes feel sorry for her and often wonder how she can be soooo twitter-pated over her husband Dean McDermott?!?! Easy & light reading pool or beach side. Perfect!

So whatcha reading? What's in your library????
I'm curious AND I'm looking for a new book since I just finished one!



MamaMimi said...

Yay! So glad you're joining in and THANKS for all the sweet words! "Any day now" - eek! I sure HOPE that's the case =) I feel like referrals have GOTTA BE COMING!

Anywho..on the books. #1 = awesome! The Sabboth one sounds like something I would DEFINATELY enjoy. I wanna know MORE about the Big Girl Shoes b/c it sounds RIGHT up my alley! And your guilty pleasures sound AWESOME to me! I've actually been wanting to read them but then I forgot when Tori's show went off the air forever and a half ago (think it will be coming back b/c I love it?!?). And BTW...I never watched 90210 either! =D

We have even more in common than I origionally thought =)

kera said...

So I totally have to blog today on 2 books I'm reading cause I had the biggest GOD SLAP in the face!! I love those slaps....they're the good ones! Love you and all your books! It's ok to have those guilty pleasure books too!! Despite living with a houseful of girls who NEVER missed one episode of 90724.....err 98561....or WHATEVER I obviously didn't watch it either!!

kera said...

oh and HELLO!!! One Thousand Gifts! It's really really really a MUST READ! REALLY!

Erika Reiner said...

Well hello ladies!!!

How funny...none of us watched 90210! Kera, I thought for sure you had but I think that must have been steph and heather. I know Steph is a die hard for the Hills.

Ok, I think I need to add One Thousand Gifts!!! That will be my new addition!

Alright...I haven't slept much with Tim being gone...I am BEAT! He comes home tonight so I am GUARANTEED good sleep!!! Yahoo!!!


Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

You are all inspiring me to read more!!! I love reading but usually find time in bed which in turn puts me to sleep within minutes! :) All of these books sound amazing! New goal find more time for READING!!!!

Erika - you know I am 100% on board with Tori Spelling books! :)

Erika Reiner said...

Ooooh Ash...we love some Tori!!!

Happy Sabbath!

Tim and I are both home with fevers and antibiotics today. I have been taking tylenol around the clock and even-so at doctor's my temp was 101!!! Yes, I'm a stubborn ER Nurse...should have gone sooner. We're something else....

Needless to say...I'll be reading in bed some this weekend. Kinda stinks since we're in the 80's during the day...BEAUTIFUL!!!