Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Somewhere Across the World....

This past Christmas...we wondered if next year our bub will be home.

This Valentine's we wondered if next year our bub will be home.

But this is not a story about us and our family, but VERY MUCH a story about a woman......

Somewhere Across the World

Mark Schultz is one of my favorite Christian artists. I had no idea this is HIS story.

I promise, with all I have that we will do our best to bring our birth mother's dreams come true for her child. We will honor her and raise our child to know their mother gave them and us the greatest gift. I just cannot imagine what pain it must be to give a child to another family in hopes of a better life. If not in this life, in heaven, they will know their child will have been loved and cherished. And someday, in heaven, we'll all be together again where sickness and economics will not force families to have to make such a heart breaking decision.

 I pray God give us all we need to be the parents we need to be in effort to serve Him and raise our child in the arms of God.

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L Freeland said...

Baby Pooh and Timmers,
Our new grandchild will be so blessed with the two of you as his/her parents. Your blog says it all, God knew this child before it was formed that you would be his parents so that shows how special this child is. I agree this world has caused so much suffering and I can't imagine what it would be like to have to make the decision the mother has to make. That is awful....

You have a great village in which to raise the child and we can't wait!!