Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Silly, Happy or Crabby?

Overall, I think we've been trying to not get too excited about this process. I think because we're not "officially" on the waiting family list for a referral. 

Hold up! Ok, truth be told...I have shown more excitement and really Tim has been more reserved. You all probably weren't buying the "WE'VE been trying not to..." anyway were you???


Ok, so back to the story....

I've found myself wondering sometimes if Tim is excited about our process?

Last Friday I came home from work exhausted from a busy week. In the foyer was a FedEx box. I asked Tim who sent us a package and he said, "I don't know. Maybe you should open it." So.....I ravaged the box. 

What was in the box???

Mood Bibs!!!

Tim special ordered them because, "Well I saw them online, thought they were cute and wanted you to have them." 

Yes, I sobbed! Like, I couldn't smile enough sob.


Best of All....I knew at that moment Tim IS EXCITED TOO!

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kera said...

What a precious little way that Tim was able to tell you he WAS excited too!!! Love the little bibs!