Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear FBI....

The laws in Ethiopia recently changed...

In order to submit our dossier we need to have our Favorable Determination Letter (FDL) BEFORE submitting our Dossier to AGCI.

In order to submit our application for the FDL from USCIS, we need to have a finalized home study.

In order to finalize we need clearance from the FBI background check indicating "no record" found. 

Many of you remember the day we sent in our FBI fingerprints...requesting prayer for speedy return which was before we learned of the ET law changes.  

THANK YOU for all your prayers...

This is all we have outstanding to finalize our home study.

So....we're asking for more prayer...

I hope our letter comes in this week so we can finish up the details and get the USCIS ball rolling.

The USCIS FDL process takes about 3 months.

Maybe more than just prayer for process....

We need prayer for patience.

We are really excited to keep this ball moving to bring our bubs home!!! 

Just need some prayer.

 (Thanks to Matthew West for an amazing song which has inspired us since attending his concert)
When I get discouraged...I think "One Less"



kera said...

I'm praying girl....praying hard. It's hard to sick back and be still when all you guys desire is to bring home a baby which in turn is ONE LESS orphan out in the world. HUGS!

Erika Reiner said...

Thanks Kers......

I have to hang on to our social worker's words, "You're on the Home Stretch!" and our Case Worker's shock at AGCI. Our Case Worker about fell over when I told her we are done with Dossier except pending Home Study. We completed everything in <2 months which is pretty fast. But, if you give us a task list, you better believe we'll have it done as soon as we can.

Just have to be patient and that's not easy at all. So I will hang on to the positive and keep my chin up.

MamaMimi said...

Ugh... =( I know how frustrating it is to be THAT CLOSE but still not there. Hang in're ALMOST there...and God's timing will be PERFECT! And in all honesty, every other agency I know of you have to have it before the waitlist so I'm kind of surprised it took this long for AGCI to have the rule too. Don't get me wrong though - thankful! =) Regardless, doesn't take away the sting. Ready to celebrate with you when you get those numbesr =)

Erika Reiner said...

Thank you sooooo much Megan!

I have to say it's so encouraging to hear from people who have walked in our path before us. I have learned so much from all of you and following blogs.

I am sooo excited to see a new post from you SOOOOON that you and the hubs received "THE CALL" that God has the perfect bubs for you guys!!!!

Take care! Thank you soooo much for the words of encouragement!!!