Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Dinner of 2011

I think this year is going to change our lives....

We started our 2011 with going to a family owned and completely authentic Ethiopian dinner at Nile: Ethiopian Cuisine.

The food was amazing! We ate family style. They served my vegetarian and Tim's meat combo in this large platter. We ate with Injera (a delicious spongy-type crepe/bread) in place of dinnerware. We learned how to correctly pronounce amharic words and "amharic" itself. 

The owner had a coffee ceremony for the guests. Their coffee is amazing. It reminded us of the smooth style Cuban coffee offers in an espresso size portion. The perfect ending to a delicious meal.

One of the children there who appeared to be related to the owners was playing around the restaurant. He came to our table a couple times and then towards end of meal he just hung out with us. He told us his name and finished with, "I'm 4." He then told us about him being in school and how he is learning about safety. I asked what kind of safety and he said, "the kind with fire trucks." So I asked if he learned about: stop, drop and roll? He had. He learned this from "Clifford". He then told us that he is learning sign language at school. I asked if he could teach us. He taught us how to sign "sit" and "chair". He was so cute. He spoke so matter of fact just as that age seems to. We told him we had to go but that we hoped to see him again when we come back for another meal.

As we left he followed us to the door. I looked back when walking to the car and saw him watching us from the door. All I could think of was..."I wonder what our bub will be like? Will they be a boy like this little guy we met? Will they be a girl who is as kind as the owner?" 

We left learning more about the culture of our soon-to-be child.

 Hoping 2011 brings our bub home.

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kera said...

I concur....this indeed will be a year that will be remembered in the BEST of ways and be one of the best years you've experienced! Thanks for encouraging me to begin to change ours! I love you!!!

AND p.s......I'm gonna google Ethiopian cuisine near us!