Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Ways God Works

We have had an interesting week so far. 
Full of busy running around, making phone call after phone call and doing our educational sessions online.

I just have to take a moment to marvel over one of the MANY ways we have seen God lead us lately.

To be approved to get our baby, we have to have medical/psychological clearance which is notarized at time of signature. We finally got appointments today and tomorrow with our doctors to get this completed......ONE LESS!!! Wahoo!!

 I then was thinking about my immunization history. With traveling abroad I thought that might be wise to have available and update whatever may need updating. Plus, I thought my doctor may want it for signing off my form. Maybe not, but I am learning just how important all those documents are to have on hand because just when you think you don't need it.......paper chase. 

I keep all that stuff....BUT WHERE ON EARTH did I stash my immunization history??? I needed it for Southern Nursing & Loma Linda University Med Center.......surely I had it. 


Called mom.....


So I thought maybe, just maybe, LLUMC would still have the record of my history in my personnel file.

I called Employee Health at LLUMC...hoping if they had the history it wouldn't take long since my appointment is tomorrow.

The woman who answered the phone was very nice.


I recognized the voice.


I asked if she was Flora........IT WAS!!!

Flora was one of the nicest women I worked with in the ED at LLUMC.

Always kind. Always helpful.

And now she works in employee health.

She said it might take a while because they were really busy.

Not sure what she meant by "while" because within an hour I had my full history!!!

This process has really shown God to us. He has worked all sorts of details out for us. There are times when the challenges can be frustrating but each time, we can look back and see God working.

I know we will continue to face challenges, but when we do all we need to do is pick out a recent experience and remember how God works with the details.

We are learning more than ever.....God handles the details.

Don't worry.

One Less

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