Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Children. All the Children of the World....

Red and Yellow, Black and White, ALL are precious in His sight.

Don't you love that song from childhood Sabbath School???

One of my BFF's has started a new mission to raise money in children in need.

She is making pencils rolls. Not just any pencils rolls, Pencil Rolls for Him .

These pencils are unique, have insanely cool fabric selections, are high quality and the perfect gift ofr your little bub!

You can stuff them. Roll em up. and drop them in your purse, tote or your child's Church bag!!!


Be sure to stop in to see her new Etsy Store!!!

After you visit her store....swing by her blog, Hughes xs's SIMPLY the CUTEST blog ever!!!

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kera said...

I am just now seeing this!!! I LOVE you for soooo many reasons but thank you for sharing your blog with me!! I pray that God will bless our efforts and maybe someday we will have a new addition too!