Monday, December 13, 2010

Orientation Packet Sent!

We sent our Orientation Packet and Service Agreements today!!!

Tim and I worked very hard to read everything this weekend.

We had 14 documents to read, have notarized and sign.


I did the online FedEx shipping label deal for the first time!!! I was not trusting the idea at first...Tim said to go for it...I did! It went overnight shipping, so I guess I will know if I did right tomorrow eh???


We will be receiving another package from AGCI with guess what???

Yep, MORE documents.


this time it's for our DOSSIER!!! 

Once our Dossier is done and sent in........

Pending Approval and


oh man....seriously...CANNOT WAIT!!!

and........Tim's pretty excited too!


MamaMimi said...

Woohoo! You'll be on that list in no time! Blessings!

Erika Reiner said...

Thank you so much!!! I found your blog through I think Lucy Lane's blog??? I found LL through you tube with her gotcha video.

Anyway....LOVE LOVE LOVE following yours. I had no idea the world of families which are or going to be just like us. A nice "family".

God Bless!!!