Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sippin a Good 'Ol Cup of Warm

It's Sabbath morning....  My favorite morning of the week.

 I just poured my warm and delicious cup of warm. 
The house is quiet....ish

We have three pets, one of which is an adorable kitten, Bones, who happens to be teething and causing havoc! He also happens to be Chloe's new best friend and play toy.

So the point of my post???

Well at work I guess we're trialing a new line of coffee. 

Guess what was in that new line of coffee???

So I took one of the packages for my desk....hehe

The Ethiopian flavor, FOR REAL, is my favorite. I'm not biased...I promise. It REALLY IS the best flavor. 

So cheers to everyone on this wonderful Sabbath morning sippin their cup of warm!

Lovin you from O-town!

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