Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Happily Ever After.......After One Year Part 6

So yes, we had a fabulous time with nothing on our agenda but enjoying the sun, sand and each other's company. It was truly perfect! These feet have walked many miles and with Tim each step gets sweeter and sweeter! I look forward to our life's journey together laughing, holding hands, remembering to cherish the moments and savor our relationship! I love you babe! 
The end...bye bye vacation....till next year!


Drinda said...

Enjoyed your blog! Bill and I need to do stuff like that! It looks like so much fun!

Are you coming to TX? Sure would love to have you both! :D

kera said...

Hon....loved loved loved catching up on all your blogs! Keep's so much easier! Hehe!! Looks like you guys had an amazing week together....what it must be like to be alone for a WHOLE week??!!! Happy many many more years to come!!! Love you!