Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Happily Ever After.......After One Year Part 3

While staying in Ft. Myers Beach we decided to cruise over to Sanibel...for guess what??? SHELLING!!!! We were told by Dan and Tree our Mango Street Innkeepers that Bowman's Beach was where to go and they were soooo right!!!
Tim is the most AMAZING shell hunter! He went a little deeper and scoured the ocean floor for great shells! You frequently find alive shells as the one below is. Of course we had to take a photo before setting Mr. Shell back into the ocean. We were soooo amazed at this little guy...well he was kinda big as you can see in Tim's hands.

I loved this flower on the trellis at the Mango Street Inn....SO UNIQUE! I'm hoping my grandma can identify it so we see about getting this plant in our yard. How cool is that flower???
The precious Mango Street Inn...we loved it here! If you ever go to Ft. Myers Beach...stay here! Wonderful hospitality, warm and friendly, Dan's a chef so we had gourmet breakfasts and I learned about jicama slices like french fries drizzled in lime juice with chili powder!!! DELISH!!! 

The Mango Street Inn is also awarded for being eco friendly. They use rain barrels to water their lawns and flowers, have water sparing toilets/showers/faucets, recycle and conserve energy at all cost. So cool!!! Tim and I have been researching rain barrels for our home given all the Florida rain so seeing their system really inspired us. 

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kera said...

Oh my GOSH that flower? What is it and will it survive in TN??? Have your grandma research that!!....please!