Thursday, August 27, 2009

09 AUG 09

On August 09, 2009 Michael Derek married Becca Townsend at The Oldest House in St. Augustine, FL. Of course, I sobbed..... Actually, I was sobbing because Michael D. was. See, his best friend Jason Calvert, whom he's known for 20+ years married them. The night before Jason collected quotes from family and friends. The last quote was one from our mom, "I'll love you forever. I'll love you always. For as long as you live, my baby you'll be." My mom has said that to us for years. Michael welled up in tears...what's a sister to do???

They had a beautiful wedding! Cheers to happily ever after Michael Derek! I love you Becca and am so happy to have you join the Freeland clan!

When Michael returned from his honeymoon, he came to work to find his cubicle decorated by one of the ladies at work, Arta Tibbits. SOOOO FUNNY! He was soooo surprised and loved every moment! They love him at work....I have to admit, what's not to love???



kera said...

SOOOOO sweet! I see you tearin' up in the back! I would too! I remember your mom reading that at the Hinsdale church 1 year. My mom got us that book many years ago and it makes me tear up too! Everyone looks so great in the pics....beautiful wedding!

extorted said...

I love looking at pictures of our wedding. I love being able to see it. Much different when you're actually getting married. You don't really see your wedding.

Thank you, Sis, for all the super kind words. I must say, I had the hardest time not completely buckling down in tears from Mom's quote. Sorry to have made you cry too!!!!!

Kera, thanks for the compliments! Don't you love that book? The song is very sweet. Mom always sings it to us. When I was younger, I used to hate it b/c it was sappy. Now, I love it, and it makes me cry.... just a little though! ;)

Love you, Sis!!!!