Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Happily Ever After.......After One Year

We decided after the Dave Matthews Band concert in West Palm Beach we should stay in South Florida for a week to celebrate our one year anniversary. We both travel quite a bit with work and have been very busy with other engagements, home projects and just life in general. I have learned with being married how important it is to celebrate the love and relationship given to us by God. I find myself so much more in love with my best friend Tim as each day passes. We had originally thought to travel to the Dominican Republic but the thought of another airport and all the stress of that....why bother!? So we wanted to see our own state and support our local economy. 

Above is a photo of Anna Maria Island Beach...who needs the US Virgin Island beaches right??? Amazingly white sand beach and clear water. 
Each evening we took in the West Coast sunset amazed at all the colors on the horizon. We would take our beach chairs and just wait for the sun to go to sleep. It was such a peaceful way to close our evenings!
I decided the best way to stay cool while reading home design magazines was to sit in the ocean!!! It was so peaceful! Of course the water can make magazine reading a little challenging but life couldn't have been better! My husbando must have liked the view because he took a bunch of pics of me like this!!!! hehe!
Our week away we wanted to break away from the hotel chains and try the local culture so we stayed at B & B's as rated on What a way to travel! This is the Harrington House in Anna Maria Island. Gourmet breakfasts and wonderful hospitality!!!

Technically, this is part 2 of our trip....i loaded the pictures backwards and was too lazy to start over!!! haha!!! 

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kera said...

LOVE that pic of you sitting in the water...seems your in the middle of NO where! Beauty!