Friday, September 25, 2009

"Besties" --cute Kera--

This Thursday I received news that someone we grew up with and is my cousin's, Jason Wightman, "bestie" suddenly died.

What would I do if I lost a bestie? I really don't know.
My besties know the fun me. the sad me. the loving me. the wacko me. the studious me. the upset me. the Drama Queen me (p.s. I still have that funny hang up sign and card from you girls FROM JENKINS!!!). And what part of me do they love most? They love all parts unconditionally. They allow me to be me and still find each part "succulent" (thanks Tress). I sincerely feel like losing one of them would be like losing a part of me. They know how i think. they know if i am being happy just to be happy so no would know i was sad. They would know if i was full of it. they'd know. they know just how to point me in the right direction if i find myself losing my way.

my besties make me a better version of myself. I LOVE YOU WITHOUT END! Just felt like i needed to write something. You never know if the end is tomorrow.

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