Tuesday, January 24, 2012

HE still moves mountains and walks on water

Today is Tuesday, January 24th.
One week ago two of my dearest friends' {might as well be family} little sister faced the fight of her life. At this time last week it was a "normal" day other than the fact she was about to bring her sweet baby into this world.

Minutes before being wheeled into the delivery room K crashed and coded {her heart and breathing stopped}. With the grace of God and wisdom of her doctors and nurses she was brought back to life. Her little bundle, lil M, was then emergently delivered. Both on life support with a cooling protocol to protect their brains and vital organs underway.

The road since has been one day of miracles after another.

Today, K is still fuzzy on her short term memory, but is in the deepest love with her lil M. She is now able to get up out of bed, eat small meals, hold her baby, love on daddy, talk with her mother and sisters, and ask appropriate questions.


I just have to share the power of our God. The power of thousands petitioning prayer boldly at the foot of the Cross. When I say thousands, I am being literal. I am humbly amazed each day at how God has worked in and through these two precious lives. I BELIEVE they are living and thriving through God's grace. Their family has been sustained in a way and through a power that simply MUST come from God. They have faithfully left every fear and frustration at the feet of Jesus.  When doubt tried to creep into their hearts they found Peace in Christ.

I BELIEVE God has big plans for them. I BELIEVE God has and continues to use them as witness to the thousdands who have been praying {many who don't even know them} to the Power of His work. Without using words these two sweet lives have shown us so much about WHO GOD IS.

I personally have learned something from them and their family.

1. Life is not certain and incredibly fragile. I feel like we all say this, but I think as humans we forget so easily.

2. Things of this world mean nothing. It's all just "stuff".

3. Why don't we pray like this when crisis is not happening? I need to start. The carpet next to my bed is not worn down enough from my knees. Time for change.

4. The body of Christ in not just in a specific religion, but His children who believe. I have always had this belief but God really reinforced this for me. I am convinced God will not be returning as and for a specific religion, but will be returning AS GOD AND FOR HIS CHILDREN to take them HOME.

5. Surrenduring to God isn't a part-time or lukewarm action, it's a complete and humbling one.

6. Perserverence is required in the midst of the impossible. Never stop praying!!!

7. God carries us and sustains us when we cannot.

8. God still moves mountains and walks on water
This last week hit VERY close to home. I dare to assume, but I think K and M's experience dared us all to evaluate and scrutinize our faith in the God we serve. We have seen God grant them and their family a "peace that passes all understanding". God, through K and M, have shaken us and reminded us HE STILL MOVES MOUNTAINS AND WALKS ON WATER. I can't wait to see what the future brings for them!!!

May we never forget these last 7 days. When our faith begins to shake in the midst of our own life's challenges, may we remember what God has taught us through K and M.

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage {boy did they!}; I have overcome the world {HE SURE HAS!}."
John 16:33 NASB

If you are interested in praying for or following them on this journey the link to their Caring Bridge is:


meredith and justin said...

I am so thankful for the miracle God is working in your friend's life. Thank you for sharing with us so we could pray. What an honor to lift each other up in prayer to the Lord.

kera said...

fler this is beautifully said. thank you for praying {don't' stop!!} and for all your love and support!! you are a wonderful friend and have a great love for GOD!! i love you!