Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Some Other Fun Stuff!

We had a wonderful dinner last night and then went to our friend's home to ring in the new year. OF COURSE, we changed into comfy clothes! They made a bon fire in their back yard and there may or may not have been a ton of smores devoured...HA! 

We are ready to see what fun paths 2012 takes us on. I have a suspicion it is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

I just have to share what happened during yesterday's Sabbath. Nothing short of God working.

Here's a sneak peek of where this story is going:
Any guesses???
HOLLA!!! Going to January's 2012 Created for Care Retreat!!!

Sold out right? No tickets to be found right??? 
Well yesterday I was reminded, without question, God moves when a path is His will. NO DOUBT.

Here's the story....
We are in the process of renewing our home study since it's been a year from initially completing it. We were required with home study and dossier to complete HOURS upon HOURS of education. All the education was really good, but we just have felt like we need to repeat it all. 

Yesterday while thinking about Sabbath I got this idea that maybe I should try to hunt down a ticket and attend Created for Care this year. I had been reading a lot of posts from fellow AGCI momma's about them getting all excited for the retreat and how the previous year had been life changing for them. Now, I also had seen another mom looking for a ticket and it took her a little while to get one. I was clear this may not work out since the tickets sold out in less than 48 hours back in September. I was also clear that just because I found a ticket did not mean there was a space to sleep at the retreat.

So I prayed. I asked God to figure it all out if He wanted me there.

I placed a post on our private listserv asking if there were any tickets for sale and if anyone needed a roommate. This felt like a leap for me because I would be spending a weekend in a room with people I had never literally met and at a conference where I knew people, but only through our online community. To me, it's kind of scary, but I am also beside myself excited to possibly meet all these beautiful women whom I've grown attached to virtually as we've journeyed the road to adoption together. We have never literally met, but I feel like I DO know them and the thought to hug them and thank them for being such a wonderful support system...WELL...I could hardly contain myself.

We went to church. What a beautiful service it was. Stop looking in the rearview mirror and make God your project manager for the days ahead. Savor the present and be thankful for what is around you. Be community to someone. Just what God wanted me to hear. 

We returned from church. I checked email and had received 3 emails and several posts in response to my question. God had a plan.

Within a couple hours I had a place to stay and a ticket. And guess what...turns out the amazing C4C organizer emailing me and helping me find a spot at the retreat...UM, it hit me...she is the momma from the video on our blog here that sealed our hearts for our journey to Ethiopia after lots of prayer and consideration. Seriously?!?!? How crazy is that???

God has a plan.

That isn't it. 

The hubs suggested I also take some time to visit some friends while in that direction. One of those besties has been praying in their home about adoption. In the last few months we have seen God move in their home making it clear this is His path for them. They are still working through details but they are now actively pursuing domestic adoption and it's exciting to watch. 

After emailing my besties, one of the potential rooms I could stay in had emailed and just briefly mentioned her home hadn't actually started the adoption process but was thinking about it. She is attending the conference with a friend. 

Then it hit me. Wait...could my bestie come? Could there be another available ticket???? 

God has a plan.

So I emailed my bestie with the C4C website and put the bug in her ear. She was interested in going but there was one concern. I suggested we take the risk, jump on a limb, trust God and see what happens. After seeing what happened with my ticket and lodging moments before we knew that if God wanted her there He would figure it out.

She agreed.

In less than 30 minutes we had a ticket and a room for her. 

God has a plan.

I sincerely believe I was NEVER meant to room with the woman who was thinking about adoption. I was meant to room with the momma's from our agency who have recently brought their children home. God placed both my bestie and I in rooms we were meant to be in.

My bestie and I both just got goosebumps and were shocked. A crazy whirlwind. We were stepping out and are taking a BIG LEAP in faith. The hubs was amazed at how God had worked. 

So with MASSIVE excitement...

Yep, we're off to the 2012 Created for Care Women's Retreat!!!
My bestie and I are on different journeys to our littles, but still the same. Excited to see how God is working in both of our families. I CANNOT wait for my AGCI family to meet her and welcome her in our community.

I CANNOT wait to give thanks to all the women who mean so much to me.
Most importantly, I am stand in awe of the mountains He can move.
God has a plan.



Stephanie said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Love how God works! Can't wait to meet ya!

kera said...

i got goosebumps all over reading this! i need to just copy & paste this to my blog!! i am SO excited to join you at this conference....yet one more bonding experience to bring us closer!! God has super amazing plans for both of us & it excites me to see them unfold!! love you friend!! thank you SO MUCH for letting me in on this exciting weekend!!

Keeping up with the Birmele's said...


I am beyond thrilled for you and Kera and LOVE God for opening this opportunity for you! HIS plan is perfect ALL THE TIME! Can't wait to hear all about it!