Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kisses from Katie

I first learned of Katie from 147 Million Orphans org .

Katie's story is beautiful and courageous. If you're interested in her book, you can hop over to 147 MILLION ORPHANS to pre-order your book today.

We had the tug on our hearts for a while to care and/or adopt an orphan. We did not understand what the stirring in our hearts completely meant at the time. 

Today we are clear. The Bible is clear about our role as Christians. I do not believe everyone is called to adopt (domestic or international), but I do think there is so much we can do to serve. 

1. Feed your community.
2. Support your local church's missions.
3. Donate clothing and food.
4. Support you local hospital's medical missions.
5. Find a family through your child's school who they are supporting.
6. Support a friend's mission.
7. Run a grocery errand for an elderly neighbor.
8. Support a community going through a natural disaster (tornado, earthquake, tsunami victims).

9. Just get creative! Do not change the channel on the news. Find an evening news broadcast to learn about what's happening around the world. Don't close your eyes to what is happening in America and around the world. It's a difficult task to see so much going on in the world, but it's a really good exercise.  We quickly learn how blessed we are, how much need there is around the world, and how it's not about the "ME".

We see this in Christ's life on earth. He spent his life serving and meeting basic needs. He didn't need a lot of money to do that. Just simple acts of kindness. 

So the challenge to myself and you this week:

How can you extend a helping hand to those around you? 

Step outside your comfort zone just as Katie did.

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4 Blessings said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog.

I look forward to following your blog and keeping up with your adoption journey.

kera said...

how did i miss this blog post?! fler this is absolutely beautiful and TRUE!!! such inspiration! we have SO much we can do from our own homes!! you don't have to be "rich" {$$} to help those in need! i love you and all that you inspire me to do!!