Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scrubby Scrubby in the Sink!

A few of us went up to Women of Faith in Atlanta this year. This is my 2nd annual trip and plan on going as many years as I can. Love it! 
We were some of the first to arrive Friday morning to IMAGINE!
One of my favorite songs right now is "Blessings" by Laura Story. Her and her husband have a beautiful and challenging story where, all the while, they have held fast to Christ and His promises.

Mary Graham said Laura Story lives in the Atlanta area so they invited her to be part of WOF!!! What a surprise for all of us!!! She sounds even better in person! 
(left to right: Becca my sis-in-law, Sarah my new friend, Kera my bestie, Kristi my bestie, and K2's momma Irene)
We're missing a few lovely ladies but I forgot my camera so all I have is this one pic from when we first arrived Friday morning.
I'm pretty sure my begging may have worked because I think Kera (in the middle) sent me a text last night about it! YAY!!!
Day 1 had so many take-aways from; funny stories, tearful testimonies, practical tools for everyday life, and clear reminders of how much we are loved by an Amazing God. I really cannot explain what it's like to be in the presence of God, women of faith (note: I didn't say Baptist, Methodist, SDA, Lutheran...NOPE....same God and we're all children), family, best friends, and new friends. I just find myself so thankful to share this part of me with others at such an event. Connecting on the most important level. Loved this weekend! 
On Sabbath, my precious friend Kristi (she's wearing blue in the above pic...and if you haven't noticed...she's Kera's twin) came to our room. She had in her tiny hands this hand knitted bundle of blue, yellow, and faint green all neatly tied with blue yarn. 
Flan had made me homemade dishwashing cloths!!! I love them! I opened them up at home and both the hubs and I were afraid to use them. They are JUST SO NICE!!! What if I ruin them? Tear them? Discolor them? I had to double check first. 

Flan gave me clear instructions to use them as normal but when washing, no bleach. This cloths are AMAZING! I love using them when doing dishes. I have even found myself leaving out some dishes from the dishwasher just so I can use them. 

Doing dishes has become SOOOO special to me! 

Thank you Flan first for being my sister in Christ and simply beautiful you! You are perfect to me! Secondly, thank you for such a special and thoughtful gift. I love them!

So who's in next year for WOF???


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