Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prom 2008: Florida Hospital Gala

Last weekend we had the best time get all fancy for Michael Buble' at the Florida Hospital Gala. We had hope to marry Heather off, but Michael Buble' was no where to be found. We know he has been in dire straights since meeting his true love in Vancouver, but unfortunately, they were not reunited. The gala was beautiful and so much money had been raised for furthering our company's mission, "Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ". I have come to very much enjoy what the gala brings to the community and thankful to join in the celebration. My Husbando del Sol, aka...Tim, had both Heather and I draped on his arms and was clearly very happy to have two great dates! We had a very good time! 


kera said...

Yeah lady...I love the whole blogging idea!!! I'm more addicted to this than anything! I feel like I can keep people updated better and more that proper english! I think not!!! Love you and yeah!!!!

Kristiana Zimmerman said...

It's fun huh??!!! - I'm so glad your doing it too - I am curious about your life/home, continue on!! - Can't wait to see more - Luv you lady -