Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Home

We hope you enjoy the photos below of our home. We are still a bit away from being complete, but are really seeing it come together. What I really love is that you can see both of our tastes throughout the house. We have slightly different styles, but have found a way to melt them together. We still have a bit of painting, hanging wall decor/paintings, and figuring out how to best dress certain spaces. We enjoy coming home to our space. We are still working on organizing closets and all our things, but are finally seeing it all come together. My cousin Esther gave my mom and I a bunch of Amaryllis bulbs, so I'll be planting those in the front yard to add some color. Our landscaping is something we have to still work on. We want to plant a garden to enjoy some home grown veges. yay! We hope to have you all over someday! As you can see, we have made beds for you! If you ever want to come to sunny Florida with loving accommodations...bring your family and stay with us!!! We would love to have you!!! I still need to take pics of our master bedroom, master bath, and second bath. We're about to start remodeling the second bathroom. I'll make sure we have before and afters. We're really excited about that project! 

Love you guys! Come visit!!!

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