Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Home: Part 1

Photo 1: This is looking from our Dining Room to the Living Room (still have to paint the french doors and walls)

Photo 2: The piano is what Tim's mom grew up playing. It lives just outside the Dining Room. Our bay window is a work in progress as I'm still working on what to place in it. Tim hung the curtain rod (wink wink...he's awesome around the house).

Photo 3: This is looking from the front door foyer. I should have gotten pics of the bohemian light time hung in the foyer...very cool! Chloe thinks she owns the furry rug! It's her favorite spot in the house!

Photo 4: This is a corner shot of the Living Room. Again, still a work in progress, but certainly coming along. We really need to paint these walls. 

Photo 5: favorite spot in the house is in the Living Room. I love this faux wall we did. It's called "antique leather" which was the perfect backdrop for my baroque mirror (Tim touched up the paint on the mirror)! We picked out new pillows and really love the feel of this space. 

Stay tuned...more pics to come of the other spaces in our home! 

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