Friday, April 15, 2011

Lake Eola Corporate 5K in O-Town

Last night after work 14,000 people headed to Lake Eola for the Orlando Corporate 5K. 
Heidi, Tim's sister, lives in a high rise on the lake so we chilled at her place until race time. 

Tim, Heidi and Mom Reiner 
Hangin before the race. We were team AHS (Adventist Health System)
The backs of our shirts have REAL SCANNABLE BARCODES! How cool is that?!?! Use your cell barcode scanner and it'll take you to the AHS website. Nice!
Pre-game smiles (the guy in the green is THRILLED to be in our self portrait...LOL)
Finish Line

Pre-game...just wait till the mob hits.

And there you have it....the folks right in front of me...and thousands more I couldn't capture!!!
After the race. So beautiful! This course lead us through the super chic urban neighborhoods and restaurants around Lake Eola. Oh yea, the building standing on my head??? That's where Heidi lives on the 24th floor!!! So fun!

Love Home. Big enough to be a "city" and have a "downtown", but still small enough to make it easy to get around. Beautiful Florida evening...

What a great evening with hubs, friends and family!

One Less
Happy Sabbath!


Erica said...

Hey There! Nice to "meet" you! Y We aren't far and we love Orlando! We'll have to hook up sometime. Thank you for your sweet comment. Praying your process goes quickly! Congratulations on being fingerprinted!

Erika Reiner said...

Thanks so much Erica!
This week marks the 3rd week out from our prints...maybe a FDL is in the works this week!?!?! That would be FAB!

We'll definitely have to meet up sometime! We are spending more time in Tampa these days as our company has been working very closely with three hospitals there. :)

Have a great week!