Wednesday, April 13, 2011

EEEEEE....So Excited

8 am TOMORROW...

USCIS Fingerprint time!!!

Then all we need is our Favorable Determination Letter (FDL) and it's SUBMIT DOSSIER TIME!!!

Oh, I cannot wait!!!

Waiting Family numbers are just around the corner!!!

One Less


kera said...

crying....happy i want to have a party crying. i was just digging around through another agency {?chi} reading and dreaming and hoping and praying. sold 3 pencil rolls tonight to a lady at church! SOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! I love love love you!! can't wait to see that 1st number!!

Keeping up with the Birmele's said...


FINALLY!!!!!! Can't wait for your family number! Let the countdown begin! :-)

Erika Reiner said...

Awe...Ash and Kera!

Well after tomorrow, we still have a bit of a wait before we get our letter BUT that's it. step to submitting our Dossier. I am actually mapping out our drive right now. I cannot wait. Of course, then the months of waiting really begins and most likely is going to take FOREVER, but at that point...we'll have monthly numbers.

Oh man! So excited! Kera, are you looking at Children's Hope International? That's the agency we started with and then switched to AGCI. Remember, what's God's will is what will be. hard to sit tight sometimes. You and I both have to "plan" and have our hands on the wheels. So hard to let that go. YAY...3 MORE ROLLS!!! So awesome! A nudge!

Ok...back to google maps! XOXO