Monday, March 7, 2011

Women of Faith: Imagine Atlanta!

The 2011 Women of Faith Conference is ALMOST here!!!

We will be making our second annual trip to Atlanta to enjoy a weekend of growing closer to our Lord in the midst of close girlfriends and many other amazing women! 

If you can't make Atlanta, I would highly recommend finding a conference near you. You will not regret it and will long for the next year's event! 

This event was life changing for me personally. Attending last year was another nudge from God regarding our path to adoption. Steven and Mary Beth Chapman were there speaking and performing. We also learned of the World Vision organization which introduced me to Richard Stearns their CEO and his book, "Hole in Our Gospel".

Again, life changing. This is a MUST READ (if you haven't already)!!! I believe this book broke my heart and I haven't been able to shake the great need out there that's so easy to ignore since it's not in our literal neighborhood. about it? Come join us OR find a conference near you!

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kera said...

i am jumping up and down to be joining you guys this year!!! i've wanted to go for many years with my girlfriends and i believe this will be a wonderful way to spend a weekend......growing closer to Jesus with my besties!!! love you girl! and WOW....i soooo remember our conversation after your trip that weekend and look where you are now!!! smack dab in the middle of bringing home your baby!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

I seriously can't wait!!! What an amazing experience last year was (I think a little to our surprise) and how it touched our lives in different but life-changing ways!!! Just like Kera said it is SO amazing to see how far you and Tim have come since last meeting and God knew that was the plan the whole time! Breathtaking!

Kera! SOOOOOOOOOOO excited you will be joining us this year!!!

Erika Reiner said...

Kera, I am sooo excited you're going to join us this year! It's just an amazing adventure personally AND with your besties! Ash is sooo right...the conference caught us by surprise.

Kera and both have literally walked this journey with us through all of it...every piece of it. Today's little speed bump...well not little...pretty bad actually as Ethiopia may close down is quite a heartbreak. I'm thankful that through this WHOLE journey, even before adoption was what we realized, we can look back and SEE GOD in control and planning the way. So, I think we'll be hanging on to that. It's pretty quiet in our house tonight as we're really bummed out.

Momma always says, "Where one door closes, God opens another".

xoxo LUVS!!!