Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Children of God

I have been thinking a bit lately about what I have learned in the adoption process.

First, I am learning to understand more of what God's love means for me as I and YOU have also been lovingly adopted. Yes, perhaps born with same DNA as our parents, but truly we are all adopted by God and loved just as much as His son. 

Erika, what makes you think you know this to be true? Because, I've fallen in love with our child. Where is he or she now? What will the be like? In love and bonding already with a child whom may not have my genetic make-up but has my heart. I haven't even met this child, but I feel so strongly for them. I'm understanding more what the Bible speaks of. 

Watch Third Day's new music video I found posted on The Oatsvall Team's Blog:

Thank you Third Day for the reminder of who we are and how adoption can teach us more about the very fiber of our Savior's love for us.

The second main point I am learning is to Let Go and Let God unfold His plan for our lives. I am a very organized person who needs schedule and format. I love project plans. Lets just say the "project plan" for my husband and I's life hasn't been EXACTLY what we thought it would be. Steering off course of our project plan sends me into instant correction mode. What I have learned in this process is that everything I believed to be off course has been exactly what was needed to lead us to this place we are today. ALL of the puzzle pieces have fit...PERFECTLY. I believe God has mapped many things out for us in preparation for challenges being faced.

I am able to see the clear footprints of God in our lives and realize we were steering off OUR course, but  only going forward on HIS course. Looking back over the album of the last 2 years each page makes perfect sense.

To Tie a Pretty Bow on It:
1. We're all Adopted and loved as His only Son is.
2. Drop the project management role for your life and wait for your album pages to fill of His perfect plan. It will all make sense once your album is near full...Promise!

Loving You and Hoping for One Less

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