Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Ridgeside Project

Good morning it is! It's pretty cold actually. All snuggled in my fleece and house shoes wishing to stay in bed. 

Tim and I stumbled upon a foreclosed gem in Apopka. Two miles or so away to be exact. It's just down the same main street in a few neighborhoods over. We purchased a new home which feels like our dream home. This week we've been picking out tiles, carpet, wood flooring, and on a mad search for a pool cleaning service. We are hoping to close March 9th so we can get in and get to work. Our goal is to move in by mid to late April. We are really excited to purchase this home together and start a place of our very own!

We will have plenty of space and would LOVE for you to come down to Orlando. We're not too far from Disney. We could be your free lodging for your family! I'll even put chocolates on your pillows. :)

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