Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Love of Tim

Today I woke to a crisp morning feeling so thankful. I let Chloe out, fed the animals, made a small pot of hot coffee and checked email. Tim woke and came into the kitchen to hold me as we do in the mornings when we first see each other. I went to sit down and saw Tim on the couch with Chloe giving her the morning belly rub. She loves her daddy. Something more hit me this morning. I just love the love of Tim. Being married to him is sooo amazing and such a CLEAR BLESSING from God. 

Last night Tim had a business dinner so I stayed home flipping through decorating catalogs and websites. Though I enjoyed the research, our home wasn't complete last evening. I find it so interesting how a home feels empty without us both in it. Tim fills the space with happiness, support, and strength. I enjoy each day we are blessed with together.

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